Decathlon Practice Arena

Probably best to keep the tournament thread a little clean, so starting a new place to discuss practice matches.

Currently I am looking for any and all Sagrada matchups of 3 person games.


I’m up for a 3-player Sagrada game.

I’m whovian22+7631 on there.

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Won’t let me add you, check your code?

NM, you added me, but you are whovian223.

Yeah, the “3” on my keyboard sometimes doesn’t register.

Forgot to proofread!

For the record, I’m pretty much open to playing any of the Decathlon games any time. :smile:


@kennfusion I sent you an invite to be friends in Sagrada and I’m happy to play

@JHTaube I’m happy to play Lords of Waterdeep

Happy to practice anything/everything. geigerm+9196 in Sagrada.

Same with practicing any and all!

have never played Sagrada. some practice would be nice.

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@js619 and @JammaTal I set up a 3p Sagrada game with you, since we were the last three to post in the thread. Happy to join other games if people want more practice.


@geigerm, i got no invitation and game tells me: “you have no active games”.
@js619, what is your ID code for sending a friends request?

Stupid discord. My ID code is JS619+8229.

Is that a complete sentence?

Yeah, I screwed up the game invite yesterday. Should be there now.

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game is on the run.

@js619, it’s your turn to choose your playing board.

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Hey all - this seems like a good place to discuss recommended setup for the next game.

@irishdomer08 asked about Waterdeep so here’s my take for open conversation…

Since Waterdeep is another game that most people have played, I feel like the base game is not enough. Plenty of people complain about the obvious Lord conditions in the base game too.

Undermountain, unfortunately, has the dreaded “Open Lord” card which many people ban from 2 player games and can make a 3 player game very lopsided too.

Skullport adds an interesting new mechanic which may give more experienced players an edge, but I’m not too concerned about that.

So, I would recommend Base + Skullport (which is well worth the $1.99 in my opinion!)


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I think most of the games a bunch of us were playing on here for a while were using both expansions, but I am open to any configuration we want.

Both expansions is an option, but also forces the game to be a “Long Game” which concerns me for the Decathlon - I want to actually finish the 10 games in 2021!

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Tagging @HostileApostle since he’s looking for some Waterdeep practice and, being new to the forums, may not have noticed this thread…

I’m always up for some practice.

I like both expansions, but I’m happy to limit it to the Skullport one if that’s what everybody else wants.

Though that does have the “problem” of the Xanthar (Or whatever his name is) Lord that everybody seems to hate.

I vote for either base game or base plus Skullport. I don’t mind base though, as I find the game a bit tighter.

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