[UNDERWAY] SP Shards of Infinity Tournament results thread


Goatfeeder over @whovian223… extremely close game, I think I had 3 life left!


geigerm over @JaneHatke—good game!


We’ve already played our two games. That was a friendly game. Good win!


Well, only one game was reported, so that looks like the second game to me.


Sorry about that. The thread is so long I couldn’t find one of the games. That’s why I said I thought it was the second, but wasn’t sure.

Wish there was a way to report individual games in rounds robin on Challonge so it would have been easier to keep track.


Two of those remaining from D group are for @JMH.75 and me. Invite sent.


Oh, there is. It’s just that I’m the only one doing it. I’ve had some pretty bad experiences with opening up Challonge pages to multiple editors.


Tuesday update:

A: Two matches remain
B: Complete
C: Two matches remain
D: Four matches remain


geigerm over @whovian223–good game!

That should do it for my games.


Jason1002 beat @JMH.75 in game 2 . Good game


In earlier tournaments winner could report scores in challonge themselves. Might be an idea next time. That seemed to work earlier.


No, it’s a miserable experience, especially with 20 people.

While this thread is not perfect, it does keep everything in one place and does ensure that one person is ultimately in charge. If the Challonge page was open to all, this thread would mostly consist of A) questions about how to sign up for/use Challonge, B) people accusing each other of reporting the results incorrectly, C) people reporting the results differently; D) some people just reporting results here anyway; and E) me having to figure it all out.

I’ve run a thousand tournaments for a thousand games; one thing I’ve learned is that multiple Challonge editors leads to more heartache than it is worth.

That being said, I will post the links shortly (each group has its own page). We are down to just a few games, so now would be the time for any corrections/additions.


Wednesday updates, starting with Group A:

Two games remaining, both involving @buzznaut. Here is your group page:


Note that is literally a list of 1s and 0s, since we aren’t using scores as any sort of tie-breaker. Scroll to the bottom for current standings.


Group B is/was done, but here’s your group page, in case you’re curious:


Stately Citizen Journalism

Please continue :slightly_smiling_face:


Group C: Just one game left, involving @whovian223 and @feederofgoats. Could one of you guys check in here and confirm your game has started?

Here’s the group page:



Group D: Looks like three games remaining, all involving @JMH.75 in one form or another. Could one of y’all check in and confirm that?

Here’s your group page:



Those games are in progress…


Duke, you remember when i organized the RftG Premier League?

16 players, 240 games.
players were allowed to report their game results, and it worked like a charm.
i think i had to correct only one input.



Me and @feederofgoats are almost done with our final game.