[UNDERWAY] SP Shards of Infinity Tournament results thread


JMH.75 over @Blackfyre


@KYakerDude over @johnl

I don’t remember if we played our second game or not. I couldn’t find it in the thread; it’s hard to find things on a phone.


Yes, we split our series and reported one win each.


With the updates above, the Geese Group is the first to finish.

@Jules wins the group on a tie-breaker; @HolstenKnight finishes second and will make the playoffs.

@Schlotzky and @Feygor, stay tuned: your records are likely good enough for playoff spots.


I’ll need a clarification here: this thread now has TWO wins for @KYakerDude over @johnl … definitely not a split.


Post #27 of this thread … boom:


Okay, that’s fine. But it’s confusing that the other guy reported two wins.

Next time, I’m just going to insist that everyone delete any ongoing games before the event starts.


I’ve had my tournament games wrapped up for over a week. He sent me a new invite yesterday. Not a case of friendlies causing confusion.


Meh. Deleting.

See below for a summary of where we are at.


Third group:

@Hipmonle is the clear winner, but there’s a logjam in the middle.


We are super-close to wrapping up the group stage.

As of right now (Saturday afternoon, Pacific time), I see only a handful of games remaining. From top to bottom, here’s what Challonge is telling me:

Group A: Three games left
Group B: Complete
Group C: Six games left
Group D: Five games left

Some playoff pieces are already in place: @johnl, @Jules, and @Hipmonle are group winners. You guys are on a break for now, but keep checking the thread.

Also, @HolstenKnight has clinched a playoffs spot. There’s some others who are close, but I don’t want to run a bunch of tie-breaker scenarios right now.

I’ve posted screenshots for the most recent standings from all four groups (they are out of order). Take a look; it’s possible I’ve missed a game (I missed a result from @Feygor from early in the thread).


Jamma over @whovian223 in game 2

my last game vs feederofgoats is in round 16 and will be over very soon.


JaneHatke over @ whovian223
Game 2
Great game…fight to the finish


I had the Infinity Shard in my hand! But I just couldn’t get enough power to finish you off before that. Good game!


Goatfeeder over @JammaTal. My first infinity shard win! Close game.


your last move was “one of those”.
Infinity shard win and 54 damage in one.


Lucky me, I won over @Tamsk
My games are finished for this round


Pitta over @irishdomer08 in second game.
I THINK I’ve played all my games.


I’ll be doing daily updates until we’re playoffs-ready. Groups are listed as A through D, rather than their “funny” names.

A: Two matches remain: @buzznaut vs. @irishdomer08; @buzznaut vs. @js619
B: Complete
C: Four matches remain
D: Four matches remain


And @Blackfyre wins D group … all four group winners are known.