[UNDERWAY] SP Shards of Infinity Tournament results thread


Personally, I am happy with the organizing as it is. Thread is for me much more convenient and I’m happy that @TheDukester is taking care of it all. Thx for that.


The 100-sided dies is out … that can mean only one thing. It’s time for the first tie-breakers.


Our group winners are seeded 1-4 and will all receive a bye into the quarterfinals.

Here’s how the tie-breaker wound up:

  1. @Hipmonle: 8-2
  2. @Blackfyre: 8-2
  3. @johnl: 8-2

@Jules (7-3) is the No. 4 seed; he was not involved in the tie-breaker.

All of you guys are on hold for now. We need to finish the groups, then we’ll need first-round playoff results before you know who your next opponent is. So just check the thread every few days, I guess.

I’ll post a link to the full bracket as soon as we have all 12 finalists.


Taking pity on TheDukester - i.e. resetting post count for blood-pressure-related issues :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Tamsk wins v @JMH.75, game 2.

(Finally got Omnius The All-Jankiest to work :slightly_smiling_face:)


@whovian223 over @feederofgoats 25-0. Finally got somebody down to single digits and finished them off. Third time’s the charm!


This clinches second place and a playoffs spot for @jason1002.


Star Command Group is now complete. Final standings coming shortly.


Irishdomer08 over @buzznaut via timeout


He seems to have disappeared.


Final standings for Star Command Group:


Woo!!! Dead last!


He’s started making moves in my game again, should be a turn or two more


JS over @buzznaut, 14-0


Three groups finished!

Status report coming later; I’m jammed at work right now.


JMH.75 over @doublebullout


You guys have one more left, right?




Here’s the final standings for the Justin Gary Group:


Okay, here’s a big playoffs update:

  1. 10 of the 12 spots have been clinched
  2. 119 of the 120 group games are finished, but the final result could affect playoffs stuff
  3. I’ve already done tie-breakers that are for seeding only
  4. We could have a four-way tie for two playoff spots … in which case: panic!

Reminder: All group winners qualify, as do all second-place finishers. The next four best records round out the field of 12. It will take a 5-5 record, minimum, to make the field; if you went 4-6 (like I did), you’re on the sidelines.

Stay tuned; we’ll have playoffs soon.