[UNDERWAY] SP Shards of Infinity Tournament results thread

The 30-sided die is on the scene to help with group assignments.

That’s right: It just got REAL in here.


Group assignments coming next.

We have four groups of six; you’ll play everyone in your group twice (10 games per player).

Play your games in any order … play them one at a time or simultaneously … play one player at a time or everyone at once … whatever; it doesn’t matter. Just play everyone in your group exactly twice.

Winners should report their scores to this thread. Please, just one player report. If the losing player wants to add some commentary, that’s fine, but just the winner should report the score.

Note: I was posting the groups one at a time, but we are apparently not allowed to make more than three posts in a row on Discourse. BECAUSE REASONS, I guess.

Justin Gary Memorial Group


Geese Can’t Be Trusted Group


Guys Who Love Star Command Group


Group That Counts To 5 … Wait, 3

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Excellent! Thank you (I think) @TheDukester.

@HolstenKnight @Feygor Are you okay to finish our current games and then start our tourney games? I know one of them is early on but I would like the bit more practice against you monsters.

Absolute ok with this.

@Jules: i can‘t add you as a friend in shards. Am i missing a something? I tried julesvheugten [at] gmail [dot] com

And @TheDukester: thanks for your work

Yep, that is the correct adress. I tried adding you, but it doenst work either. I checked to see if you are already on my friendlist, but you aren’t.
I am running the latest version, so no idea what is causing this.

@greysphere any idea what is causing this?

I looked in the app, and it seems my account wasnt linked anymore. Perhaps this happened after the update from beta to life. I linked it again and gonna try adding you now

Still cant add you, @Feygor
Also quit the game and tried again. But still not possible. It says “your email adress” user is not found. Is your email adress still linked?

I did manage to add @Neumannium and @Schlotzky to my friendlist. They weren’t on the list already. So that worked.

It worked, i added you.
Ready for rumble :wink:

Sure, lets finish the friendly first. :slight_smile:

Holsten won against Feygor 36 to obviously 0

GG, I had no clue what to do this time, but a lot luck of the draw. :slight_smile:

:open_mouth: this was fast.

Sorry but I don’t understand.
Has this already started? Which are the couples?
(asking because I have ongoing games with almost anyone here so it’s difficult to say if they are normal games or what).

@Pitta and @johnl let’s finish our current game first then start on these

Yes, let’s finish our friendly first. @KYakerDude, we need to finish our current friendly too.

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Is there a standard time limit? I put 1 week in my invites and not sure if that’s good?

1 week is the only reasonable timer setup.
30 minutes too short, 1 month too long.

@feederofgoats, i tried but couldn’t add you as a friend ("…was not found").

Finished. Sent you a rematch request, so let’s play that.

Some housekeeping notes:

  1. I quit all my ongoing pre-tournament games; I don’t like to have any doubts
  2. One week timer seems reasonable. However, if you’re not familiar with your opponent or if you know your time zones aren’t compatible, then one month is okay, too (although if we have games taking an actual month to play, we’ll be in trouble)
  3. There will be playoffs at the conclusion of group play; details to come.

So was that our friendly game or first of the series? I don’t remember when we started.