"The King In Yellow" Challenge Thread


Hardco V runs the Voodoo down!
definitely on fire.

Leaderboard of Yellow Kings:
HolstenKing IX
Mighty Geigerm VII
KYakerKing VI
King Hardco V
King Zebra II
King Jammma

next battle for the YellowStone Throne: King Hardco V vs whovian
order of challengers:

  1. Holsten
  2. KYakerDude
  3. Zebracadabra
  4. JammaTal
  5. jason1002
  6. geigerm
  7. new entries welcome!
    i will keep placing insane losers back on the line for possible healing.
    if anyone prefers to stay insane and away, just say so.


Lots of green early in the game lead to a lean deck in no time. @whovian223’s deck was getting me low, but I was cycling the deck every turn. Good game!

Challenge going out to @HolstenKnight


I didn’t even know what hit me. :slight_smile:
Good game!


And I am King Holsten X :grin:

GG, strange game with no green at all for me. But in exchange I had increadible luck with my yellow cards always coming together.


What a disaster! I pretty much lost the game on turn 2, when I accidentally flipped a Miscatonic Library into the center row, and not even for a particularly good card. Next thing I knew, @HolstenKnight had a well oiled yellow deck, and my deck had two cards in it, neither of which were any good in the deck at this point in the game…

Good game, and good job winning the title!


Coronation of the Ultimate King In Yellow:
Hail HolstenKing X!

Hall of Infame and competition Leaderboard:
HolstenKing X
Mighty Geigerm VII
KYakerKing VI
King Hardco V
King Zebra II
King Jamma

this thread and competition is closed.
it was some serious fun.
for scratching that Cthulhu Realms itch you can turn your attention to
the Crown of Cthulhu challenge now.