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Whoa! That’s not from the iOS version is it? It would take me a year to unlock all those.


Yep, playing on iPhone X an iPad Air.
It’s amazing.


The saves cloud sync?


Yes seamlessly.
You have 7 different saves slot too (all sync).

I know you have the game on Switch too (as I do) so it depends.
I’m good with touch controls and it’s hands down the best port ever (still remember people laughing last year when I hoped for Dead cells on iOS…now I’m in BC5…according to Motiontwin less than 1% people completed the game over BC3 if I recall well).
For reference I never completed a single run on Switch, I much prefer playing on iOS.
So it’s a win/win for me.

Beware, it’s an incredible game, but also very demanding.
I think I’m over 150 hours.


I can see this getting a lot more play on my phone than Switch, just based on it always being with me.


What’s the control scheme like? I generally hate touch controls on iOS and don’t buy a lot of platformers as a result, but I’m thinking about this one …

Edited to add: I’ve never played the game on any platform, so I may just wait and get it on Switch at some point, but, again … I’m thinking about it.

Edited yet again to add: Anyone with the same question might just want to read the producer’s post on Gamasutra about redesigning the control scheme for mobile. I’d love some feedback from actual players, too, but re-reading this article (I’d forgotten about seeing it the first time) answers a lot of questions.


That’s a great read, thanks!

I can appreciate it’s a challenge to support multiple devices, I’m still bummed that West of Loathing, despite evidently having a working version on iPad back in 2017, shown at PAX West basically two years ago now, never made it to release on iOS. One of the stories I’ve read is that Apple’s emphasis on universal apps may have delayed an iOS version, due to UI implementation issues on fitting it on an iPhone screen. Then they got focused on WoL to Switch, instead, then the Reckonin’ at Gun Manor DLC for Steam, and now bringing the DLC to Switch and GOG … I’ve lost my optimism about WoL on iOS, alas. :cry:

In December 2017 it was

We’re deep into the making of an iOS version of WoL (which has turned out to have way more technical hurdles than we anticipated), and are also making a bunch of progress on our first DLC for WoL as well. We expect both of those to be ready to roll out in the first couple of months of 2018.

Then there was a tweet from a year ago that they are still working on WoL for iOS, but according to a WoL reddit post from 7 months ago:

TPTB confirmed this indirectly in the latest podcast (last 15min are about WoL): “Also the iPad is really good, if we ever get around to releasing that.”.

Not to mention that I want to think that, unless I missed it, @TannerHendrickson still has his West of Loathing review all but ready, just waiting on that iPad version before publishing it … :smile:

I read the glowing reports on the toucharcade forum thread before I purchased it, since I’m rubbish at platformers I was interested myself:


Not a huge fan of platformers with touch controls either, and given my druthers I’d probably play this a lot more on Switch because of that. However, the fact that my phone is always with me, versus the Switch which rarely leaves the house, means I’ll play this a lot more on iOS.

And to clarify- the though controls are well done on this, I just prefer physical controls. But on the iPhone XS they’re placed well and I haven’t had any issues at all; can’t see playing it on an iPad though.


Please, for the love of whatever god or gods you worship, do not allow this to be a f2p abortion…


Oh my…

That game, more than nearly any other I can think of, would benefit so much from touch controls. Manipulating the 3D map with movement rather than a mouse would bring it one step closer to being like an actual tactical display straight out of a sci fi movie! Plus, absolutely stellar game.

And I’m with you with the f2p shenanigans. If this is some Clash of Clans base building nonsense I say we storm Gearbox headquarters…


Infinitely happy there’s a new Homeworld in the works. Infinitely saddened that Gearbox owns the IP. Randy Pitchford is a phenomenal waste of a human being.

That and Risk of Rain 2 also being under their spindly publishing wing.

The fact they have all that Borderlands money and are leveraging fig to fund the game only illustrates my opinion that company only cares about their bottom line, and how to move it in the least ethical but still legal ways they can.


And the fact that he sits on Fig’s board yet is still using it to fund a game that his company owns… might be legal, but sure doesn’t seem ethical.

Edit: haha, realized after the post that I parroted your last sentence


God, I love West of Loathing. There are specific gags in there that still make me laugh when I remember them.


I hadn’t even realised he was one the board for Fig.

I’m constantly surprised with new reasons to hate him.


Any chance you can use your substantial Stately Play leverage and connections to shake the iPad version loose? Hopefully with the Reckonin’ at Gun Manor DLC? :wink:

That’s disappointing, if it’s true, that Apple’s emphasis on universal apps helped derail the release of a quality iPad port. It’s hard for me to feel compelled to support Apple’s push to a “service” revenue model with Apple Arcade, when I’ve been so disappointed in their past support of iOS gaming, and game developers, on a number of fronts.


This literally made me laugh out loud.


Warner Brothers Interactive just announced LEGO Star Wars battles, which is apparently a LEGO Star Wars-themed card game. I’m not really expecting much, but it would be great if this ended up being a kid-friendly game with actual strategy, like a Hearthstone lite or PvZ Heroes. Hopefully it isn’t one of those “card games” where there is t really any gameplay.


my guess is something like a Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes or
Marvel Strike Force clone.

genuine FTPs.


Now some allegations have hit twitter about Zach Johnson (creator of Kingdom of / West of Loathing) from his ex wife about domestic abuse and gaslighting her when she was raped by someone else.


Going to smash my Vicious Gnauga mug when I get home from work.

Really hating the game industry the last two weeks.