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citizen journalism: Journalism outside the established media, usually by ordinary citizens without professional training or organisational experience.

Just wanted to start up a thread where we could post random news items about games getting updates / sales / or new game releases that fit the general motif of Stately Play, but haven’t already been covered in front page articles.


Solitairica has been released on Google Play!

I’d been waiting for this for a while. I owned it on steam, and iOS already, but hadn’t been able to play it on the go on my phone until now.

It’s free to play on Android with one £2.99 IAP to unlock the full game. The limits on the free game are that bounty rewards and end of game rewards are halved unless an ad is watched.

Grabbed this on iOS a few days ago and I’m having a great time with it - awesome filler game on the iPhone.

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After getting the email from Making Fun the other day about how their Dominion is going down this month, I did a little further digging to verify their claim that the new version will be available January 1, 2017. According to the good folks at, only the online browser version will be available Jan 1, and if we want to see it in action a couple of their playtesters will be streaming gameplay on December 10th.


Pandemic is on Sale on iOS and Android for £1.99 currently. Good time to pick it up if you haven’t already.

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Had a blast with this over the weekend. It lies somewhere in the middle between Diablo and Card Hunter. Very much an ARPG, but movement and inventory management are vastly different from Diablo, feels more like a real time board game.

Has a “Pop-up Book” feel to the art direction, and the customisable game session feature seemed quite unique as well. Still early access (missing one character type and a couple other features) but quite polished compared to other Early Access titles that are sitting in my library.

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Pathfinder ACG just got Deck 6! I’ll see you all in a week… :grinning:


New Germany map for Ticket to Ride, yo.


I guess I’m telling what everyone here is probably already aware of, I’ll say it nevertheless.

The splendid guys from “inkle” have updated their Sorcery games (all of them), to include a new “super hard” game mode, which you can unlock after you have finished part 4, and which starts at part 1 all over again. They say there are some secret areas to unlock as well. Somehow the Sorcery games and the dedication of the developers remind me of "King of Dragon Pass ", in a good way. You really “feel” the developers love their work… A big Kudos to them from my side.

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It seems like the old Forum on the “other site” has finally vanished. RIP! Good old memories… I’m really a bit sad

so many insights lost!
so many great comments.
it really hurts a lot :disappointed:

Steam is down… worldwide… Many funny comments on Twitter.


Beta has begun, all I’ll say is that I think I’ve already found my GOTY for 2017, unless something else REALLY blows my socks off.

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Antihero is in first access for £10 on and it is glorious so far.

Turn based victorian era thief strategy.

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Sunless Sea, by Failbetter Games (Fallen London) is set for an iPad port this Spring, according to their blog ! It’s out on Steam now, but I’ve been hoping for an iPad port.

Sunless Sea is a roguelike set in the Fallen London universe, specifically the Unterzee. I loved the writing and universe of Fallen London, and this looks like more of the same goodness without the F2P nonsense that is part of Fallen London.

Youtube trailer -

Rather long but humorous review -


Baseball Highlights 2045 is currently $1.99. Not sure for how long.

The developer’s response to a pirate on Amazon Kindle stealing it and selling it for $1.99 there. The developer got a lot of great support from the BGG crowd, so has put it on sale to thank everybody.

It’s a great app, and a great game!


From the tail end of the Asmodee Digital newsletter…

Absolutely stoked to see Onirim and V: TM getting a digital treatment, never played Mage though.

Loving this so far. Really hits the itch of Dream Quest / Card Crawl / and FTL at once.

Just launched last night on Android and iOS. Plays like a cross between Out There and Fallen London, but much more of a premium experience than FL (no grind, turn limits, IAPs).

Might have to drop the $3.99 on this… you had me as soon as you said FL minus the freemium nonsense…

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