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Just completed GRIS.
If you are even slightly interested, you must buy it and play till completion (took me around 5 hours, but I miss some secrets).
Even just the ending is so good, still have goosebumps.
I think I liked this even more than Limbo and Inside.
Absolute masterpiece, I’m so glad I waited to buy it on PC and Switch hoping it will come to iOS (flawless port btw, played mostly on iPhone X with AirPods).
If not for another game I can’t talk about, would be easily my GOTY, and it’s close anyway/I’m undecided (but I have more than 100 hours on the other one).

Also, it was MUCH more game than I expected reading some articles about it.
Some clever puzzles too.

Highly recommended


Follow up to myself…still playing GRIS: I’m about to find last sun (some are REALLY clever and nasty) to hopefully unlock a different ending…so awesome.

Dead Cells just released for iOS. I bought it but I think I’m going to wait for ps4 controller support in ios 13 before trying to tackle this.

For what is worth I was part of the Dead Cells beta, if playing a nearly perfect version from the get go over 100 hours can be considered beta testing.

Currently on BC3 (means I’ve completed the game on normal, difficult, very difficult and now playing on insane) all with touch controls.

The port is the best ever port (of one of the best games ever).
Shouldn’t work on paper but…it does.
Along with GRIS it’s my GOTY so far.

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Whoa, that sounds like quite an achievement, congratulations! :open_mouth:

I had the impression that Dead Cells was beautiful, but difficult, and outside my skill set … like Cuphead, nice to look at, but best done from a distance. :smile:

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Some serious allegations popping up about Alexis Kennedy (creator of Cultist Simulator) and other men in the game industry this week, either as outright rapists or otherwise abusing women or subjecting them from a position of power in a company.

I really admired this guys work for a long time, and now I’m so mad I’m shaking.


It’s not brutally hard and there is certainly a feeling of getting better most runs. That said, I haven’t beaten the main boss yet, but I suck at platformers.

I tend to dislike games that are too hard and this one never felt like that to me.

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I somehow missed this one amid the slew of others. This kind of crap needs to stop happening and the abusers need to be held to account.


Yeah, I tolerate 0% of that when it crops up in my vicinity. People I know and care about have been victims of these sort of people. And working in the game industry here in the UK and knowing I’ve been in some of the same circles as these people is sickening me.


We sound like brothers-in-arms … nobody is worse at platformers than I, I look for games with a difficulty setting now, and my tolerance for “roguelikes” seems to decrease the older I get, with my current threshold not high … there are just too many cool games in my backlog, and coming out all the time!

I think I’m on a “zen vibe” kick right now, leave the frustratingly challenging gameplay to the younger folks. :wink:

I did just pick up FAR: Lone Sails, and Gris. I may pick Dead Cells up, too, for the beauty and zen, and when that gives way to frustration, move on. :sunglasses:


After losing multiple levels worth of progress to the auto save system, I’m not sure if I’m going to make it through Gris…

Being too stubborn for my own good, I turned off cloud saves and restarted GRIS from the block level. I made it back to the water level again, and cleared it. Then this afternoon, the game reloaded back at the start of the block level. Am I misunderstanding something about how the saving is supposed to work?

Does anyone know why Telling Lies, Sam Barlow‘s follow-up to Her Story, isn’t available on the UK App Store? It’s apparently been out a week, and was even featured on the 5 New Games We Love round-up, but there’s no link to purchase. It‘s on the German store, but I’m keeping my iPad on my UK account and I’d rather play it on the bigger screen.

From everything I can see, it should have been out the same day worldwide?

And the answer is … my iPad wasn’t up to date enough. D‘oh. :flushed:

Updated iOS and there it is. Well, well done the App Store for policing this. I’ll let this mild embarrassment stand as a warning to others :smile:


True story … I fired up Dead Cells to help see if I’ll spend time with it or GRIS this weekend, could not make it out of the starter area. :open_mouth:

Could not figure out how to wall climb, could not make the jump up and to the side to the overhang with the touch controls, could not see a way out (not that there isn’t one, but I’m rubbish at platformers and didn’t see it). To avoid frustration I even took the extreme (for me) step of going to YouTube to see how others do it … I came away with the impression that perhaps the starter area is randomized? (For the record, the procedurally generated levels are one of my favorite parts of “roguelikes”.) :thinking:

The good news is that I accomplished my goal, I’ll revisit Dead Cells later, I’m going to spend some quality weekend time with GRIS. :smile:

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There is no wall climb, at least not initially. FWIW, the whole game is randomized :slight_smile:

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As @coffeentacos said, don’t worry yourself too much about areas you can’t reach yet.

Every biome, as the game calls them, is randomized in terms of layout, but there are some common elements. As you play the game, you will discover abilities (that will then carry over to subsequent runs) that you can use to get to new areas of the map.


So, what you’re both saying is that I successfully beat Dead Cells, I went as far as I could go? Should I go post my success in the “Videogames Beaten by VGGers in 2019” thread? :joy:



Amazing game, amazing port.
Still can’t believe it’s on my iPhone and it runs so perfectly.

Nightmare more, here I come.
Hopefully it’s the last.