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I have never actually visited the site, so as far as I know this info may have been present for months, but the main page for Evolution says asynch is coming soon.

I have a feeling the nails are already in the coffin for this game’s overall appeal, but as someone who already owns it, I’m looking forward to asynchronous play.


I do love that game, and the digital implementation is very well done… hopefully they can pull of asynch - that would put it into my regular rotation!


Same. As it is, I barely touch it. With asynch, I guarantee I will play it daily for quite a long time


Hell, I’d even be up for a game!



Yes, the market is over-saturated with digital CCG. I get that. I love the genre, though, so I’m open to trying out the new ones while I eagerly await Magic Arena (if it ever actually comes to iOS).

Mythgard is available for pre-order now and will be launching an open beta soon. I’ll link a TouchArcade article that has a 5:00 tutorial if you’re interested in looking at it for yourself. The game is in no way revolutionary but it looks well done. It is lane-based with 7 or so lanes, and units can attack directly across from them, or to either side of their opposing unit. Units have activated abilities, units can move, and some units have an energy system that is similar to Planeswalker cards in Magic. As for resources, you have to burn cards from you hand to generate resources, which sounds interesting to me because it removes the dreaded mana screw but still makes resource management decision-based rather than automatic.

Of course, the success (and my enjoyment) of the game will ultimately come down to how well the cards actually work and how the game is monetized, but I’ll likely be giving this one a shot at least.


I did my review of Talisman: Origins (Nomad Games sent me codes for Origins, the new Talisman expansion called “Clockwork Kingdom”, and the latest Talisman: Origins DLC as well).

It’s a fun story-driven Talisman game with some caveats. Since it’s solo, at least there’s no griping (from me at least) about the fact that there’s no asynchronous multiplayer!

I’ll be reviewing the expansions soon as well.


Widower’s Sky is out now on iOS and Steam, and it’s beautiful. Graphics are top notch, soundtrack is end of the world haunting and very well done, and the gameplay seems solid so far. Spent about half an hour with it this morning illustrating just how bad I am at these types of games (it’s billed as a platformer with survival aspect).


But will @Pitta call it Glorious?


I’m too into Dead Cells, can’t play anything else.

Dead Cells is GLORIOUS cubed.


Came to post something akin to this, but he beat me to it lol


I’m so bad at these that I need a review saying that it’s easy, or that the game has difficulty settings.

Fortunately I’m not the only one … perhaps they are intended more for children, but Toadette/Peachette and Nabbit in “New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe”, and Funky Kong/Funky Mode for “Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze” have been added to some of the more challenging platformers as options. :thinking:

Any option in “Widower’s Sky” for an easier difficulty, or is it easy enough, like “The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy’s Grand Adventure” that younger children (and myself) are an intended audience? :smile:


I likely won’t be able to really sit down with it until the weekend sadly, and even then, that time will be split between it and Eve Echoes.


Haven’t seen any difficulty settings, but I didn’t look for them either - will do later when I get home. So far it’s less platformer (which I’m awful at too) and more “solve the puzzle to open the new area” mixed with survival. Admittedly, I’ve barely scratched the surface of it so far


Just defeated Dead Cells for the first time. I had a lot of fun. The stats revealed it took 30 runs (i.e. 29 deaths) to finish the game, which I did by mostly cheesing traps. Not much of a storyline as far as I could tell. I tried ramping up the difficulty but can’t get past the first level. I’ll probably reduce the difficulty and try exploring the levels I couldn’t reach before getting the spider rune, but I don’t think hard mode is for me.


Do know that to see the real ending you must complete BC5 :wink:
It’s not only harder, there are new enemies mix and dungeon layout, plus other things and mechanics, each new BC.


Pretty bad review of Widower’s Sky, which kind of sums up my feelings too. I was really looking forward to this one - in fact, it was one of my most anticipated games based on the visuals and soundtrack / voiceover - but I got tired of banging my head against the wall here.To answer @Falkenstein’s question, the only difficulty type setting I could find is to merely turn off survival mode, which eliminates the need to feed and rest.

I think my biggest complaint is the lack of a tutorial or easing into the game - you’re merely plopped in and forced to run about. The puzzles are pretty un-intuitive as well; it took some doing to realize that a simple “have one guy stand on one spot to open the wall, another guy stand on another spot to keep it open” was dependent upon the father standing on one and the son standing on the other. Kept thinking I wasn’t standing in the right spot, which leads me to another quibble - the camera controls. It’s way to easy to get disoriented with the camera, and the zoom is either buggy or hates me as I can’t seem to find a comfortable level. There also doesn’t appear to be a mini-map, which is a special kind of fuckery since I can’t seem to zoom out far enough to find the damn fire to cook the damn deer that I can’t figure out how to pick up wtf I’m going to play Dead Cells, at least I understand why I suck at that one.

Anyway, here’s a more well written review from AppUnwrapper summing up my disappointment in this one. I give it a hard pass right now.

eta: It strikes me that the dev may have spent too much time with his own game - I’m sure he understands what to do / how to do it, but didn’t see that someone without four years invested in it might not.



…it may not be very well known (it is a long time since I posted about my Homeworld Fetish, may have been even on ye old site) but the news about this makes me positively excited.

I know its Gearbox, but that made me nervous back then when GB Published the HW Prequel Deserts of Kharak, and the HW Remastered Collection, since I still couldn’t forgive them for their bait and switch with Aliens: Colonial Marines, but it turned out fine. Despite the absolutely moronic Idiotic Madman who heads GB HW3 is still developed by Blackbird Interactive who did a great Job with HW: DoK.

Am I afraid of any more GB PUBLISHER idiocy? Yes
Could they mess up the Game with top-down F2P Bullshit? Absolutely

Am I still a hopeless naive Idiot when it is concerning my most beloved franchises? Sure as hell…
Will it turn out fine in the end? Hopefully…


I can’t say I had the same issues aside from the controls. The camera sensitivity is far too high and the area you can use for the stick inputs is way too small, especially the right one. This seems like a game that would benefit a lot from either using a controller or heavily revised touch controls. Having to reach to the centre of the screen to switch between the father and son and everything else just felt awkward and bad on my iPad.

“have one guy stand on one spot to open the wall, another guy stand on another spot to keep it open”

Unsure if this changes later but the first couple at least are colour coded, which yes wasn’t immediately apparent but if the solution were immediately in your face I doubt it’d be satisfying.

Hopefully some updates come out for it to smooth things out and provide a better experience.