Stately Citizen Journalism


It doesn’t seem like there are sounds or badge icons, though. That’s a little disappointing.


Promising. SpiceTheCat+0054. Also need a quick look at the rules and then I’ll pile in.


Oof…the tutorial was less than helpful for me. The game doesn’t seem too tough but it’s off tor the rule book for me.


Does anyone think there will be any digital surprises launching with GenCon this week?


Doubtfully but maybe Mage Knight news?


I’m also in: JMH75+1274
Just have to figure out how to play…


The tutorial is about the mechanics … the rules (in Settings!) will give direction on what you want to achieve. Some details, like how many VPs for a given number of Valkyries, are missing … unless I need to look harder. The end of game scoring is detailed.


Created a game in Raiders, password is Stately. All welcome.


Joined! Now I have a 2-player game (I’ve never played this 2-player before) and this one.


Also started a new 4P game, pw is Ravens.

Maybe we should take this to a new thread :blush:

ETA: new thread here.


I wonder why they kept it to four players. The physical game already has a couple of expansions out that ups the player count to five (possible even 6?) players. I can understand perhaps wanting to save the expansion content for DLC, but potentially gating player capacity behind DLC is a bit weird.

Saying that, I haven’t actually gotten around to playing the expansions (even though I own them), so I haven’t checked whether the base game can handle extra players without the extra content in tow.


Battle Chasers: Nightwar is out on iOS. It is a $9.99 premium game and very worth it if you enjoy traditional turn-based RPGs.


I have played half-way through BC:N on Steam and should go back and finish it. It is a fun RPG.


Haven’t heard anything terribly surprising. Nothing about Mage Knight, but I did bug Dire Wolf to at least let me know it’s still in their queue.


Maybe I’m a bit daft, but is DireWolfDigital working on the physical legacy version of Clank, or a completely digital port of the legacy version of Clank?

The way their email read, I couldn’t tell.


Me either. I’m pretty sure it’s the physical version + app, but not sure. No reply from Dire Wolf on that either. Yet.


Viticulture is being done by Digidiced!!!


Labyrinth is SO CLOSE I CAN’T EVEN!


Age of Wonders: Planetfall comes out tomorrow. I want this. Very bad. But I’m neck deep in FFXIV with Fire Emblems sitting on deck. If anyone plays, please share some impressions.


Anyone having trouble with Asmodee games? I can’t get into TM online games or Ascension…