Raiders of the North Sea


So, looting is the New Thing. Let’s be honest, it’s just breaking and entering while wearing furs and pointy hats.

Anyway, in the interest of keeping the Stately Citizen Journalists untroubled by pillagers, here’s a players wanted and general impressions thread.

I‘ve started a 4P game, pw Ravens. Novice pillagers welcome.

Stately Citizen Journalism

I’ve joined! This’ll be my first actual game through the app.


Joined as 4th player. Tomorrow I need to play the tutorial and read the rules…


Definitely read the rules. The tutorial is good to know how the app works and the absolute basics of the mechanics but not much more.


There’s also a good How To Play on YouTube.


Please don’t take this as a complaint, because I am enjoying the game, but either I’m missing something or this is a pretty light-medium weight game, no? It seems a lot closer to Lords of Waterdeep than a Rosenberg creation.


You’re not wrong, that’s right where it falls.

I don’t know if I’m missing something but the game doesn’t show under my active games and is not an available game to join. Maybe it’ll only show in active when it’s my turn?


I can’t see my own game :confused: do unstarted/ unfilled games expire or something?


I noticed after some initial confusion that the “Online” menu was only for games that hadn’t started and that there is a separate active gMe menu. Perhaps your game started and is listed under that menu now?


Is there a way to see your crew cards? Maybe I’m missing something completely obvious but I can’t seem to see any of the stats for my crew; all I can find is their portraits above my resources.


If you’re trying to see your hired crew, there’s a button to swap between cards in your hand and the hired crew. Tap and hold on the characters to see their details.


Thank you! I don’t know how in the world I missed the “tap and hold” bit. You’d think between all my double tapping and attempts to drag and drop that I’d have held the picture longer, but I guess not.


No, not in there. Baffling. @coffeentacos can’t see the game either, so I guess it’s gone.


That’s very odd. I’ll create one on my break and see if we can figure this out. :sweat_smile:


Random Thought

I like the confirmation/action sounds when a menu item is chosen. Quality.

Plus, as above, and furthermore, I also think (until shown to be deluded) that a game that has been created but not yet filled will be listed in Available Games.


I’ve created a game, password is Ravens as before. Fingers crossed it doesn’t disappear on us!


:+1: joined, and it appears in the available games list as already joined now, so :white_check_mark:


OK there’s something weird going on with this game. I hit start game, it did its loading thing then said the game no longer existed then crashed.

Going to try creating a room by inviting folks from my friends list to see if that goes smoother.

edit: that threw me directly into the game so that may be the better way to do this until things get fixed. Not sure if it’ll notify you of the game, but it should be under your active games.


Threw me directly into the game as well.

Didn’t even ask if I wanted to!

Thankfully I did, but I don’t know about not getting the choice to turn down invites…


Yeah, that’s an odd choice. Not sure how their other multiplayer games worked online for this but there’s definitely room for improvement.