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I have the same Fire Emblem rule. The game arrived in the mail this weekend but I have not bought the Switch yet either. But I still have not finished Echoes yet, so I feel as though I’ve found a loophole to my rule in that… I keep hoping Three Houses will be reverse-ported back to the DS somehow.


Looks like Raiders of the North Sea is up. $9.99 USD/13.99 CAD.

Looking forward to playing this one!


Pixelated Cardboard did a review; 4/5. Said the async is good with the exception of no friends list - you have to make a private room and share the password. Also said the AI is utter trash, but otherwise a well done port. (Caveat emptor, the great majority of reviews there are 4/5)



Interesting. On the main menu screen there is a “Friends” tab.

I have no problem at all with password-locked lobby games as long as everything else works smoothly.

I suppose it doesn’t matter, but I’m Mirefox in game and would be happy to join a game, though I’ve not even read the rules yet.


I’m generally against password locked lobby games, but I figured I’d give this a shot anyway. As far as I can tell, my friend code is hardco+5944. I have also never played the game!


My friends list is populated with the people that I have played another Renegade Games title (Lanterns) with. I added hardco okay. I am robthomasson+4882.

As above I do not know the game but I am in on the basis of loving Architects Of The West Kingdom.

I created a game with the password “splay”. All comers welcome.


Looks like it’s iPad only (did a search on my phone and it didn’t show up), so I’ll have to get this tonight.

But I’m definitely in when it happens!


If you search for Dire Wolf digital, you can get to the game through the developer page.

Good news everyone! Once people are on your friend list, you can bypass the password games by creating a friend game from the Friends list.


It is for iPhones too. I just found it by going through the Dev page


Worth a buy? Never played the cardboard myself, although seems like you lot are pretty keen on it.

Just realized this may be the most British thing I’ve ever written. At least, as an American from NYC / NJ imagined British people speak.


The cardboard one is great. The whole trilogy, as well as the West Kingdoms one are lots of fun.

There’s a neat flow to how you use your workers and regain them.


I’m in!

So far, I just have @Snotty128 and @js619 on my friends list, though.

I’ll add the others from here, though. Then I’m up for a game!

Here’s my review of the game itself if you’re wondering about game play.

Ok, how do you add friends? It says email or friend code, but when I put the friend code in, the “Add” button doesn’t light up. Do you need both?

Edit: Never mind. I figured it out.


Rob, that friend code doesn’t seem to work for me. I’m sure I typed your name in right. :slight_smile:


I appear to be coffeentacos+1979. Looks like you can also add folks by email.


Damn you people, get out of my wallet…


@hardco Pardon my denseness … how do you create a game with friends? I see circles by each name but tapping on them doesn’t seem to do anything.

@whovian223 Sorry, my error, I am robthomasson+4882. Will correct my post above.



I appear to be Whovian223+7631


@Hardco Ah, I’ve got it now … the people I tried before do not have the game, hence the lack of response when I tapped their name.

All in all the async aspect seems great so far …


I appear to be biffpow+2461 and will be adding all of you if you don’t add me first : )

Just need to play the tutorial and then I’ll be ready to raid.


I’m in, had to password reset. I’m JS619+8229; @whovian223, I already have you from the Lanterns days