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Ascension is telling me I have an invalid username or password, which is weird since I have it saved in the game and haven’t had any issues until I checked this morning, prompted by you.


Slitherine acquires MoM


Insert emo sigh here.


Yup, same exact message. Glad it’s not just me.


Same here, they seem to be off to a GREAT start after forcing me to merge my old playdek account with the Asmodee account.



I’m sure they had their reasons and I assume everything will be resolved, but when you have the most exemplary online developer handing the reigns to a company that really doesn’t seem to care all that much, stumbling blocks and complaints are bound to arise. Hopefully this is just early growing pains?


32 bit unsupported development to come😂

I kid, I kid. This shall be great. MoM us please Slitherine. iPhone and not just iPad this time please, I beg you, else yeh may as well make it 32 bit only.


Looks like Asmodee’s servers are offline for all of their games right now.
You can check

Unfortunately, we don’t have a fallback available if we aren’t able to validate your account, so we’re dead in the water until they are back online.



It’s weird the different ways this is coming out depending on the app.

Ascension says “invalid email/password” (I’m assuming because of the link to the Asmodee login that Ascension is now using?).

Potion Explosion wouldn’t even load for me.

Ticket to Ride, when I try to log in it just acts like it won’t accept my email address (it doesn’t say “can’t access server” or anything like that. It’s just that tapping “Enter” doesn’t appear to do anything)

Hope it’s all up by tonight!



(Although I’ll add that my Ascension/Asmodee account merger was easy and clear)


Did anyone see the news about Marvel Champions, the coming LCG from FFG. I’m certainly intrigued. I wonder how many core sets you’ll need to buy in order to be able to play…


Playdek tweeting that Ascension should be back up; I’m out of the house and can’t confirm


So confirmed.


I am actually super excited for this, but also skeptical. Many people have tried to recapture the essence of this game and failed.

I still have a 10MB zip file in my email that I extract and play whenever I feel like it. Home computer, work computer, wherever. Still always scratches that itch and I am just as likely to get kerb stomped as dominate.

The combinations of race / Magic schools / abilities - it is such a simple 10 point system, without bells / whistles, but is so fun and effective. Nothing else, except maybe fallout 1/2 character generation scratches that itch for me


The new Hearthstone expansion is out. I know nothing about it other than that it will likely make me rage delete the game…again…


Can’t rage delete the game if you don’t reinstall it …

(a lesson I learned after a few rounds of Hearthstone rage deletions)


I haven’t reached that level of reason yet.

Though I did just read about some new Warlock cars that turns all your opponent’s minions into random Murlocs. That made me rage close the article:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have (guiltily) been playing Hearthstone a lot in the last four or five months and saved up all my gold to buy in to the new expansion. It has a lot of interesting potential–it feels like they’re taking more chances in some ways. But at the same time, they brought back the idea of quests, which is one of the things that made me rage quit the last time those were in the game. And they’re trying to guide the meta in some transparent ways.

I’m excited about some of the new cards, though, and so far the quests seem less rigid than the first batch a couple years back. A number of them just sort of fit into your deck without wholly dictating what your deck does. I opened about 90 packs and pulled 6 Legendaries (one golden), which is better than average as well, so my own experience makes me think they’re being slightly more generous with the big cards.

I’m actually more interested in the solo adventure that’s slated for next month, as I really liked the last one they did.


The solo adventures are why I keep re-installing. They are right up there with some of the better card-based rogulikes that I play (though not the cream of the crop).