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I’m quite sure it won’t explode on your device.

You can continue to play it past then. You just can’t delete it or transfer to another device and expect to be able to download from TestFlight again

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@JammaTal @whovian223

Did you give Among the Stars a go? I’m interested in picking it up but I’d like to know that it works.

not yet started. i would prefer a 4P game.

i have created a thread in “players wanted”.

I don’t know if looking at app updates counts as journalism these days, but Rise and Fall is available for Civ 6…


journalism intensifies



I cannot find a gif worthy of this news

eta: updated game, but can’t seem to find the Rise and Fall anywhere as an iap… anyone else?

The page shows the info in the patch log but the IAP doesn’t actually list it yet, so I don’t know how much it’s supposed to be. Maybe it’s delayed or they forgot to push a button?


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Can I just say that if they figured out how to do asynchronous multiplayer for Civ VI I would never need to buy another game in my lifetime…

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@Mirefox, it seems there’s a “Play by Cloud” option now - text says it’s “an async mp format where all players take their turns on a common savegame, which is stored on a hosted server… etc, etc… may last a long time, as each player takes his or her turn at a time that is convenient to them. You will receive an in-game notification when it is your turn to play… etc, etc.”

Sounds like async mp to me! Still no R&F iap though.

eta: TA reporting R&F priced at 29.99, with the base game now 9.99 and other expansions dropped as well

Oh, my…if that works…

Just played with it… you can setup a private room, control the world settings as normal, and there’s a room code to provide to let people join. C’mon in - I made a duel map, random everything. Code is bXjnz. Unsure if it’s case sensitive?

My device that can run it is being fixed but if anyone else joins you, please give us some info.

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Made it a private game, so it’ll have to be someone from here. Invite is open for anyone that wants to test the Civ VI play by cloud system. Also curious if the play by cloud means the game will be accessible from more than one device?


A dive into the Civ 6 twitter account^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet shows the following tidbits -

and regarding R&F iap -

I really wish I could like my own post…


Yeah I’m fucking pumped. Just…hell yes.

I still can’t see R&F though

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Me neither. US App Store.

Raiders of the North Sea next week