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Yeah, I just now saw that and since I don’t like to have blogs post in the early evening Pacific time (who’s going to see it?), I have a post going up about it tomorrow.

With a gorgeous Oregon Coast sunset pic to boot.

I’m so stoked for this!

I see it now. HELL YES

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Here too. There goes work today!

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Yes mate.


Awesome. Looking forward to this :slight_smile: And in the comments, the dev reveals that Architects of the West Kingdom is in the works!

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Bend me over and call me Shirley, Civ 6 now also has cloud saves between devices. Just have to create a 2K account, apparently.

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Yeah. I forgot to mention it last night.

Also with multiplayer, only the host (starting player) has to have purchased the DLC. Anyone joining it will be able to access the DLC, even if they don’t own it.

Also, I was allowed to break my monthly gaming budget to buy R&F. Now to learn it heh.


Lemme know when you’re ready to test the mp!

I’ll set one up using discord for the primary point of contact. Hit me up there.

This is also for others who want to join. I’ll start a Rise and Fall, all random leaders, all dlc’s game. I just need to know how many so I know what to set up

Post a discord link, please? Lost my 2fa and had to make a new account

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If the idea of playing the child of Zelda, Bastion and Sword&Sworcery is your cup of tea, don’t miss Hyper Light Drifter.


You piqued my interest with Bastion there…

Better on Switch or iOS, @Pitta?

Personally I much prefer playing on my iPhone than on my Switch in general, but that’s just me.
I don’t own the game on Switch so I don’t know.
So far it plays fine on my iPhone.

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Saw that Dixit -

is coming to iOS and Android, with a beta now open -

Never played nor heard of it, and unsure how well it’ll translate to digital after reading the BGG description - sounds a bit like a party game? In any event, it’s there for those interested.

eta: these are the devs -

Seems it’s their first digital port.

I have Hyper Light Drifter on my Mac–got it as part of a Humble Bundle–and was finally inspired to fire it up since it released on mobile. Looks great, seems cool, absolutely not a game I’d play without a controller. 2 minutes of WASD controls was more than enough.

The TA review says they had trouble running it on an iPad Air 2, so I’ll probably wait for a price drop on the Switch version to play it. I can’t stand touch controls on my phone and prefer to use my mFi controller with my ancient iPad Air, so the mobile version won’t work for me.


A little like apples to apples but with pictures. It’s good. I don’t know how well it will work on digital. Coincidentally, it’s been on iOS once before.


Whaleo just posted on Toucharcade that Widower’s Sky is on the App Store for preorder!!
Been watching this one for a while and I’m pretty sure it’ll tickle all of @Pitta’s parts.

And the iOS link -

Whoa a blast from the past!!!
I remember beta testing a prototype like…YEARS and YEARS ago.

For those who want to join the discord, here’s a permanent link.

The other one was a 1 day temp link :wink: Since Civ6 doesn’t have notifications, there’s a few of us organizing there for games.