Interested in checking out what all the updates and fixes did for AMONG THE STARS?

i want to know how it plays now.
there have been UI improvements and bugfixes.

anybody else ready for a 4P game?

How’s the asynch MP implementation? When it’s your turn, does the game show you your opponents’ turns, like in Ascension and Through the Ages?

Piggybacking on that, does it have notifications that work?

Edit: I’d probably be willing to roll the dice to help test out games if I know notifications are good. I just can’t stand having to randomly check in on the off chance it is my turn.

I’d be up for it.

tbh i can’t remember. it’s so long ago that we had played it.

i think it might be a log which keeps us informed about other players’ moves.
and we can inspect other players’ space stations in full details.

but the patch notes give a hint: “Add race skills replays”.

reliable notifications: dunno.
we will have to find out.

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Well…I suppose I’d buy to test the game if you’re planning on starting one.

I’d give this one another shot too

so we have a 4P with @whovian223, @Mirefox, @js619 and me.

ready to go, guys?

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I just downloaded. My game name is Mirefox. I usually take my turns pretty quickly but I’ll be using today to learn the game so I may start a little slow.

It seems to be a pretty straightforward game, no? I’ve got no strategy at all, but I’m good with the rules.

Don’t remember my login info, may have to make a new account. Stand by…

edit: duh, wrong email. I’m jhschaer there, not js619, for some unknown reason.

i have created private game “SP trial” (password: check)

i could not invite other players, so i guess you can simply join the game.
it’s strange that i can’t see the game in the list of games waiting for players?
maybe i have done it wrong?

the name “SP trial” is not displayed. just look for a 4P game with 7 days/per turn time limit.
i chose the longest possible time limit, just to be on the safe side.

had been exactly my impression when we played some turns long ago.

I joined something - it didn’t have a name and didn’t ask for a password, but you were there.

yup, i can see you. can it be so simple?
no player codes, no personal invites?
exactly like for Brass, which is from Cublo too.
not the worst multiplayer matchmaking system under the sun.

but…no name, no password? i’m afraid something went wrong and any stranger can join :confounded:

i had to repeat my choice of player race three times.
game refused to accept the input. so the same may have happened with name and password.

I’m in with no issues.

I’m in!

Looks like it’s @JammaTal’s turn

@js619 I think it is your turn. I’m saying it not to sound impatient, but just to check whether notifications are working.

Sorry, did see an email that it was my turn but haven’t had a chance to fire it up. Unsure about iOS notifications though or if there’s an option to switch them?

Ugh, I didn’t even consider that as an option. E-mails are as worthless as no notifications for me.