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I just saw a Bananagrams app that Asmodee released in the last week, I believe. Not that I would be rushing out to buy it, but reviews seem to indicate that it is incredibly buggy at the moment.

Warhammer Quest 2 is currently free on iOS. I feel as if I maybe came down a little too harsh on it when it first launched because in the whole scope of the cesspool App Store it is quite a well done game. It is at least worth checking out for free for those of you have don’t have it but have any interest in a strategy RPG.


It was a very well done app and a steal at the price of free. I think there’s a new character too? My main critique of it, which I think still stands, is that it was entirely too easy.

Yes, I do believe there is a new character, but I don’t remember what off the top of my head. Possibly something undead-related, like a necromancer or something.

I don’t know what my complaints were, exactly. I think part of it was that there didn’t feel like there was a lot of character development, at least right off the bat. Drops/loot was scarce as well. I like RPGs where my characters are developing from fight to fight and my inventory grows constantly. This didn’t have that, at least initially. I may take another look sometime soon, though, as it is a genre I quite like (that said, Fire Emblem may dominate my life starting next week).

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Plants vs. Zombies 3 is in pre-alpha now and I think some Android users can test it out with the caveat that there will likely be a boatload of bugs.

I am certainly not optimistic about EA keeping their corporate money-grubbing hands off this one, but the series’s core gameplay, at least, is great. We will see how monetization in this one is handled.

The character development and loot definitely didn’t increase at all, and one of my biggest issues with the loot (despite the lack of it) was that once I’d found the best whatever for a particular character, there was no reason to keep looking for loot for them - it’s not like the game got more difficult and item stats ramped up too. I think at one point my archer character (whatever she was called - ranger? elf?) had nine action points, a bow that usually used 4 a shot, and some trinket that reduced each shot to only 1 ap, plus another trinket that gave some ridiculous crit chance. I could basically wipe out a room of mobs in one turn with just her - fun for a bit, but boring after five minutes.

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It looks like the Fluxx update is live. I’ve never been a big fan of the game, but now that my son is starting to play some of the easier card games with me, I’m a bit excited to see if it isn’t one he will get in to.

I also have to give Playdek props; not only is the game updated for our current OS, but it has also been made to fit the iPhone X screen. That’s Playdek going the extra mile to give the best experience possible, in my book. Thanks @Strangiato.


Is there a link for the Android version of Fluxx?

The combat is straight out of the tabletop. So far it only has a slay the spire-ish roguelike campaign though. No tutorial (but it seems to have the manual). Only 4 of the starting characters (No Mindthief :frowning: my fav). Could do with a slightly more generous undo button. If it gets either the tabletop game’s style of campaign or something similar I think I’ll be a happy camper. If it gets asynch multiplayer, I’ll be an even happier camper.

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Thank you for the info … I think I am going to plunge …

It’s beyond weird. Mobile is, by far, the best digital board games market.

Don’t know, maybe Scythe did exceptionally well on Steam and it got to their heads? We know our studio would not last long just from Steam and we’re 6, not 60 people, lol.


There isn’t an Android version as far as I’ve seen. It’s not in the UK GP store, at least.

Its showing up for me now.

Available for me on iOS … as a (free) update to my original pre-appocalypse purchase. Playdek kindly kept my play history so I see that I apparently did play some async Fluxx games. You live and forget and learn …

According to some poster over at BGG, Terraforming Mars was acquired by Asmodee who are developing it internally and plan on releasing in Aug-Sept. I don’t know how reliable a source he is, but it is certainly a plausible scenario.


Good to hear. Will look into it and see if I can find out any info.

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Looks like it’s one of the Fryxelius brothers.

If so, then I’d say it’s pretty legit.


Good news! A lot of work had gone into the app - it would have been a real pity for it to wasted.

I keep noticing nice little touches … like the highlights on the factors that will be affected by a card under consideration. But I really want to know which games in the list are waiting for me to take my turn when I get notified.

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Is there any way to refresh test flight? Mine only has 4 days left

That’s on the dev side. Not something you have power over (unless you’re one of the devs)