How's everyone doing?

It was just bad timing. It was supposed to go up on Monday so there’d be at least 24 hours before it vanished but there was then some confusion over if the migration was happening or not and then the only time left to do it was morning of. I wouldn’t worry about it :slight_smile:

The article still exists in my version of our CMS, since the new site uses a completely different one. That goes for the entire site archive going back to 2014.

Can post a screen grab or something if anyone else is interested but yeah, that’s me very much done now. Pocket Tactics has entered a new era.


I gave my 3rd gen iPad and Air (1st gen) both to my brother when upgrading. Both were dropped in a month and have now cracks in the screen (still working fine, not as bad as it looks).
How did I manage it for years to not do what he did in 2 months?
Talk about critically obsessive (me) or criminally careless (he)…

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Damn…missed it :-/

I am drinking. A lot. Like, in the mornings. I work in the media, so I’m getting the updates 16 hours a day.

But … fuck it.

You know what else I’m doing? Hosting tournaments. Bitches.

So slide on over here and let’s play some Ascension.


Can’t drink all day unless you start early in the morning, so… way to be an overachiever? I’m pretty much into it the minute I change out of uniform and wash up also.

Yeah, when I do a thing, I like to do it right.

So if I’m going to drink, it’s going to be drinking with authority.


We’ve had booze every night, but I haven’t graduated to drinking all day, even with working from home.

But there’s always time! :slight_smile:

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I’ve often joked with my students that I wished my water bottle had liquor in it while teaching. I’m not sure what’s still stopping me now. (Probably my five year old, who is hard enough to parent sober.)


Well this is horrendous.

Yeah, drunk five-year-olds vomit even more than sober ones.


I am not day drinking, but I am drinking nightly. And as my work is global, I can often have meetings late into the night. I had a 9pm meeting last night, there were like 30 people on the call and I had my camera off. Usually I have my camera on and someone mentioned it last night. Someone else responsed “it’s because he is drinking.” So I turned my camera on for a moment, lifted my double IPA to the camera, and then turned it off again.


I’m not going to ask how you know that.

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They say we’ll all know someone who dies from this… I suppose you can put me down in that column now…

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I’m sorry for your loss. Losing someone at 33 is a damn tragedy.

I hope “they” are wrong about that … I know a few people who are infected at this point (parents of friends) and am obviously hoping they get through it.

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I’m thankful that I (so far, knock on wood) don’t know anybody with it.

I’m so sorry for your loss, @js619

Sorry for your loss. Poor children.

Ugh … so young and with kids.

Not that it makes it easy for anybody to die. Two people I know have died for “virus aggravated” reasons. They were both aged and had health problems … but weren’t “due to go” so soon. Unfortunately I guess it won”t stop there …

Our first responders… our heroes.

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”