First SP Ascension: Quaran-Tournament sign-ups

In these uncertain times, we will always be able to count on one thing.

And that thing is Ascension. Clearly.

So let’s celebrate the world’s most playable asynchronous game with an online tournament. The first-ever Stately Play Quaran-Tournament.

Consider this thread your sign-up sheet. I’ll take sign-ups for a few days or until they’ve obviously petered out.

The exact format will be announced after I’ve got a final count of players. But I will guarantee everyone an absolute minimum of three games.

So, c’mon, sign up. What the hell else are you doing? Binging Glee? Arranging your sock drawer alphabetically, by color?

As my children say every single time they throw a ball, hit a ball, or catch a ball — LET’S GO!


I. Am. In.

Fully in - how could one not be for Ascension?

I’ll play

I’m in

I’m in.

I’m in!

Sign me up!

I‘m in too.
Feygor70 in Ascension

I’ll join. My online record of P2 W1 L1 can only get bigger.

Ascension is kind of like professional baseball. .600 winning percentage is very good.

I’ll give it a bash
IGN: shadowfax45

Pick me

I’m definitely in! whovian223 of course.

I’m in

thanks for the PM invitation, Duke!
but i’m not playing Ascension any more (only exception is the Decathlon).

Sure, why not? Hardco in Playdek.

I’m in.

Like a moth to the flame …robthomasson.

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Deleted my previous post–I’m still in the tourney, Ascension screen name (mgeiger9) was missing.