What are you playing?


Bought and beat FAR: Lone Sails on Sunday. Was really hoping for more at the end, but it was a lovely melancholic journey through the wasteland, and I’ll likely go through it again since I discovered I wasn’t using one of the features of my vessel at all the entire playthrough (the vacuum thing), and can see the path to a couple more achievements I missed.

Also I think it’s still 50% off right now.


My first two hours of Control were spent completely in awe of the destruction vfx, smashing up the first two rooms entirely.

This might top Resident Evil 4 as my new favorite third person game.


ok, so I know I am late to the game, but I just picked up Meteorfall this week. Great game. Love the Daily Challenge, and made it through with Graybeard already. But OMG, I cannot make it past the 2nd boss with Bruno. I try to get down to mostly Veteran Strike and Charge as the core of the deck, but damn is this one hard. I almost feel as if leveling makes it harder with him? thoughts? Advice?


Finished FAR: Lone Sails last night, greatly enjoyed the atmospheric gameplay experience, many thanks to @halfvoid for bringing it up here in his post. :sunglasses:

Currently playing SteamWorld Dig 2 on the Switch, as well as dabbling in Traitors Empire Card RPG on iOS with the StatelyPlay clan, but it will likely just see casual involvement since I’m more eager to spend time with Battle Chasers: Nightwar.

Have recently acquired GRIS and Dead Cells due to the enthusiastic endorsements, and a desire to support quality premium gaming on iOS. So, will decide this evening between those two for this weekend. Also need to brush up on Brass in case I get a seat in the upcoming StatelyPlay tournament. I’ve also got the Civ 6 Rise and Fall expansion now that I want to spend some quality time with. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s good to see so many iOS gaming options, especially since invitations have now gone out for the Apple iPhone event on September 10th and I’ll need to acquire a new iPhone this Fall since my iPhone 6+ will hit the 5-year mark and will not be supported with iOS 13, my four years of Apple iOS support is expiring.


It is indeed a great game. Was brief at release but the updates made it pretty beefy. Dev is a pretty cool guy, very upfront about everything. Bruno is a challenge, but if memory serves he has access to cards that cause enemies to lose stamina? If so those are good ones to pick. Been a while since I did a run with him. In general just avoid dropping too much money to delete cards, it’s not as helpful as it is on games like Dream Quest.


I sometimes struggle with Bruno, too, but he’s all about Charge, so he needs a really small deck so you can play your Charge(s) more often. One or two damage dealers (Veteran Strike, Gut Punch) and a level III Charge can get you through. Gut Punch is particularly helpful since it doesn’t cost you an hourglass.

I like keeping Battle Stance around sometimes as a defensive card–I always skip it the first time through to gain block and will occasionally skip it multiple times.


What indeed am I playing? After being an early Demon’s Souls adopter way back in Ought Nine, I bounced off of it and its successor fairly hard, despite really wanting to get into it.

Well, a decade later and since March I’ve done Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3, Dark Souls and now Dark Souls 2, in that order. These games are great, and I’m honestly not sure what I’ll play after I’m finally done with them…


Remnant: From the Ashes, Nioh, Sekiro.


I have tried Sekiro, and while I will definitely make time for it, it doesn’t really seem like the same kind of game to me.


Sekiro is even more about offence than Bloodborne is. I think that’s the main thing I struggled to understand.


I’ve been working through Dark Souls 3 since finishing Sekiro. I understand people preferring the option to do all kinds of builds, experimenting with every weapon, but I don’t have time for that anymore (my thief is still rocking his base weapon +10).

Sekiro streamlines it all down to a great combat system and zooming around like a ninja! The difficulty progression is satisfying, and as soon as I beat the game, I just wanted to start NG to see how much better I’d be against the early enemies.


I did a pure strength build through pretty much the whole game, using big ass hammers/clubs for the most part, right up until the end where I respec’d to quality to wield a couple greatswords and do a Gael cosplay.


I was planning to play GRIS on iOS this past Labor Day weekend, what I ended up playing was the original Kingdom Rush. :smile:

I have not played a tower defense game in quite awhile, and got the urge to fire one up on the iPad Mini this weekend. I own three of the four Kingdom Rush games, I had enjoyed them immensely but stopped short of buying the fourth last year since the developer had seemed to be heading into IAP territory more than I was comfortable with, and I was uncertain how that would affect the level design balance.

I used to have a fair collection of tower defense games, but it seems many may not have survived the 64-bit transition. Kudos to Ironhide for updating and supporting their games, and fortunately their tower defense offerings were at the top of my list so I was doubly glad to see they are still supported. Unfortunately, as part of the update process it seems cash shops have infiltrated all of the series, to include the original Kingdom Rush.

Philosophically speaking, after having seen Nintendo’s attempt with Super Mario Run to release a premium game on mobile (although I wish an auto-runner wasn’t the type chosen to sample the premium market), and then how much more lucrative IAP turned out to be for them from their mobile audience, I’m less critical than I used to be on developers making money on mobile outside of premium games … the Switch audience seems to be more willing to support premium gaming, so if IAP is what what some studios need in order to keep releasing quality iOS games then I’ve become a bit less critical, altho still disappointed that’s so much of what iOS gaming is these days.

Specifically, perhaps Ironhide deserves the benefit of the doubt, that they won’t release “broken” levels and then steer folks to the cash shop for boosters to progress? Plus, they do have multiple difficulty levels available to select at each stage, and the Casual difficulty does indeed seem easy enough that one can tinker with different towers and not feel that an optimum tower arrangement, or a trip to the cash shop, is required for success.

Anyway, I finished the original Kingdom Rush campaign, moved on to Kingdom Rush Frontiers’ campaign, and will then do Kingdom Rush Origins. If still in the mood for more and still feeling kindly towards Ironhide and their level design, I do believe I’ll now go ahead and pick up last year’s Kingdom Rush Vengeance … a large part of the criticism seemed to revolve around additional optional towers being in IAP, folks complaining about their $5 purchase not unlocking all the content available, rather than a pay wall of difficulty.

It’s not like Ironhide has implemented timers, grinding for in-game currency, or paying to unlock loot boxes as far as I know.

I don’t play tower defense and match-3 games using consumables, anyway, so if the levels are not “broken” then a consumable cash shop should not affect me. I don’t mind paying developers for additional levels, expansions, optional heroes and towers, I often wish developers had the resources to release additional content. It must be working for Ironhide, I see that Kingdom Rush Vengeance had the Subaquatic Menace update in February, and the Frozen Nightmare update this past May.

Have others here played Kingdom Rush Vengeance? What did you think?


For this weekend, on iOS I’ve now also finished the Kingdom Rush Frontiers’ campaign, and so have moved on to the Kingdom Rush Origins’ campaign. On Switch, working on the SteamWorld series with SteamWorld Dig 2. On PC, I’ve been enjoying the Railway Empire campaign, it seems to be a good balance of simulation/spreadsheet/arcade, so far (and, FWIW it’s still on sale this weekend for 70% off on Steam with the Kalypso sale). :slightly_smiling_face:

Will also be trying out multi-player Brass for the first time, I’m participating in the “2nd SP Brass Championship” organized by @JammaTal :thinking:

It’s been years and years since I played a Patrician trading game, of northern Europe in the late Middle Ages with the Hanseatic League, but with the Kalypso sale I did pick up the Patrician IV Gold package on Steam, I was swayed by the option of “Cooperative multiplayer mode - Manage your company alongside three of your friends via LAN or Internet”. If any Stately Players have the “Patrician IV: Rise of a Dynasty” DLC and want to give a co-op game a try, I’m game. :sunglasses:


I wish there were any/more simulation games that either allow for the creation of persistent worlds or let any player log in and start the game at any time.


Borderlands 3 released today, the EPIC/STEAM Shenanigans made it way easier for myself to justify a BL3 Purchase on PS4. Glad (?!) I preordered ages ago before my current tight wallet so I wouldn’t have guilty pangs now about getting it asap.

The graphical upgrade sure needs time to get used to (BL1, BL2, BL PS and Tales of BL all sported the same look (with inremental small improvements)) but at least all other QoL improvements are very welcome.

Also the crude humor…didn’t realize I needed so many turd jokes in my life until now.


Let us know how it goes. A Diablo-esque shooter that isn’t built on an online economy is right up my alley. I liked the first two.