What are you playing?


I know people have mixed feelings on Slitherine, but I’m really loving Gladius (the Warhammer 40K civ game).

Possibly slightly biased since I work with the writer at my day job.


Wow, look at this guy having a cool job. I’ve never had one of those. In fact, every job I’ve ever had was so uncool I finally just gave up on the idea of having a job altogether.


Haha, definitely wouldn’t describe my job as cool. Just happen to have some cool coworkers, since we’re a games middleware company.

Unless the sound of writing code to test other peoples frequently spaghetti-like code sounds cool.


Oh, what with this and the stacks of White Dwarf I assumed you worked at Games Workshop!


Haha nope. I work here: https://improbable.io/

The White Dwarfs were a hand me down from someone else on my team who was leaving the company. Who had them given to them by someone else who’d left before I joined the team.

I’m kind of a hybrid software Quality Assurance Engineer and a Game Tester. Since I test both the multiplayer tech we power games with, and one of the internal game projects we’re going to release in the future.


following an article on TA i stumbled upon Traitors Empire Card RPG.

a RPG with card-driven tactical battles.
including social gaming with clan quests and PvP.
i’m really having some fun with it.

ready for founding a StatelyPlay Clan if some interest.


What is the freemium level of this game? Card packs like a traditional CCG are ok with me; I’m not a fan of timers and other play gates.


after having played some time and being sure about having fun i unlocked that 3,49 package out of respect for the dev.

but no must have, and i see no compelling reason to spend real money.
i have upgraded cards, have crafted gear and cards, but all paid with ingame gems and gold, earned by subquests and campaign progress.
and you can play for as long as you want. no limits.


I will join you, can’t commit to huge hours though :slight_smile:


I downloaded last night, but have not had a chance to check it out yet.


Started playing Gris on my iPad yesterday. Absolutely gorgeous game, with some pretty neat though light puzzles. Touch controls work very well, though I can see it being annoying if quick timing becomes important. So far it’s got a pretty relaxed pace to it which I’m really enjoying.


Alright, I have played way more than I thought I would, and totally in for some guild action.

This game is great


Guild created - StatelyPlay


What’s the word on iOS device sync’ing? I’ve discovered that I much prefer, and don’t mind sinking time and money for dev support, on apps that I can enjoy in the La-Z-Boy recliner on my iPad, and then also fire up on the iPhone when out and about, especially if progress benefits from a bit of grinding.

I’ve been enjoying the heck out of Night of the Full Moon, but prefer something with more “persistence”, so Traitors Empire sounds interesting.

I gather Night of the Full Moon is a well polished somewhat clone of Dream Quest, but despite owning Dream Quest I never got far enough into it to be able to make an informed comparison … and owning Dream Quest allows me to feel that if Night of the Full Moon crossed a boundary my conscience is clear in that they didn’t take a purchase away from the talented Dream Quest developer, I own both. I do adore the style of Night of the Full Moon, and give anyone who includes a “Feral Child” encounter big kudos. :joy:


I kinda wish I could go back and unpurchase Full Moon. It really is so much a DQ copy that playing it made me feel like I had supported a pirate or plagiarist. The wonky translation didn’t help that feeling, either. I wanted something like Dream Quest, but not to that extent.


I think that traitors is okay for syncing, it is linked to your game centre


I’ve spent a bit of time with Sky: Children of the Light. I don’t think I’m close to beating it, it’s fairly unique social/adventure/sandbox with a focus on cooperation and generosity. This would probably be an online game I would actually let my son play given a lack of co-op multiplayer games on mobile.

I have guideline to avoid F2P games, but these only seem to unlock cosmetics. iOS-only at this point.


just like former games from thatgamecompany (Journey, Flowers, Flow) Sky generates a wonderful mood of peace and tranquility.

i can’t wait to play it under iOS 13 with a Xbox/PS4 controller on the big TV screen, as appleTV game or streamed from ipad.

btw there are definitely some games (eg Oceanhorn) i will give a fresh go then.


You’re correct! I bought the Premium Account unlock on my iPad Mini, the iPhone shares the same Account ID and shows Premium Account status is unlocked, too. :sunglasses:

Joined the StatelyPlay clan in Traitors Empire Card RPG, will see how it goes. :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s a few levels which aren’t peaceful, but overall it’s fun just to fly and look around. The music is great for setting the mood for the levels.

I was bummed when they didn’t launch with AppleTV support, because that was how my kids might play. My guess is they are going to push to requiring a controller to play, and may be waiting for iOS13.