What are you playing?


My friend got me back in to FFXIV, which is unfortunate because I completely live that game but want to spend time on Fire Emblems. Oh, the problems we nerds face…


I just started playing FFXIV about a month ago. I have been traveling on business a bunch so have not had a chance to really get into it, but seems fun so far.


playing Battle Chasers (incl. a great trailer) on PS4 (came out on mobile too just now). it’s ok.
and still Path of Exile.

i had always been sad that my beloved Galaxy on Fire 2 was struck down by the appocalypse.
but Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is still there to play, and just when i was ready to accept a fresh start from scraps i was amazed to see a cloud save from the original old GoF2 waiting for me in the HD version.
great customer service by Fishlabs!


My wife and I have been duelling at Wingspan all weekend. I am currently 15W, 1T, 2L with some crazy close games.

She loves it so much she is willing to keep playing!

Any other recommendations for similar style 2P with a neutral theme?


@Baelnor Maybe Tiny Towns, havent played it myself.
Or Patchwork.

Maybe watch a top ten from “Rahdo” on YouTube. He reviews a lot of games and he and his wife dont like “in your face” games.



There are also a ton of smaller games that fit the bill like Lost Cities, Arboretum, Fox in the Forest, Tides of Time, Qwixx, Noch Mal, etc.

It is rarely talked about but my wife and I also enjoy Mr. Jack.


My wife’s favorite game to lose to me at is Ticket To Ride. :grinning:


My kids and I are lost in playing Dota Underlords and TFT from league of legends. I am still not sure, which one I like more (the games not the kids).


I was very addicted to LoL for many years and want to try TFT if/when it comes to iOS.


I’ll give a second vote for Lost Cities. We also like the Agricola 2-player game All Creatures Big and Small. Kingdomino plays well at 2 players too, we play that often.

Wingspan is so good, though : )


I started with Dota Underlords since I am on Steam so much. I am liking it. I tried TFT, but the UX was just annoying and I missed all the information DU gives you.


You can AT LEAST deactivate waypoint markers so they only show the final Marker at the target location. I believe the only thing then is the marker on your compass at the top of the screen. Also deactivating quests removes their markers altogether (they are not lost, only the tracking on-screen is removed).

Yes, side activities are beautifully implemented, even the Hunting Lodges are acceptable (well maybe not on ultra-hard). Also, remember to check EVERY Merchant for a FREE Sample box with Ressources (only possible below Ultra-Hard). the free stuff from the tons of merchants around helped out quite a bit in the start.

The only thing I don’t like about HZD is inventory management. I am a packrat and there is too much stuff which can be carried around (needlessly) I just got mightily miffed when I FINALLY reached Meridian to see that lots of the stuff I dismantled away could have gotten me some interesting stuff there.

Oh and if you don’t have the Expansion Frozen Wilds…get it. It is worth every penny.

You are right about the Ubisoft Additional crap. I just inished AC:Syndicate and the collectathons were strong in this one. Albeit I liked it a bit more then AC:Liberty, AC: Rogue and AC:Unity…the Cargoheists were somewhat fun (and lucrative in XP and Money…I was totally overlevelled when I started plowing trough the story missions.
Now waiting on a sale on the season pass for UC:Syndicate…I plan to return to this game since it was more enjoyable than the other recent ones AC games I played.

Still…to many Open World games on the Mount Backlog©… AC:Or, AC:Od, LotR:SoW, RDR:2, W3, GTA5, Sleeping Dogs…does Rise of the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided count?

Still aside from HZD the best OW games of recent memory were Mad Max (terribly underrated game) and Nier Automata (if you want to cout it as OW)…


I’ve said it before but I generally can’t stand open world games. I thought the concept was neat back when I first tried it in Grand Theft Auto but I burned out on the concept very quickly. Most I never finish, including “classics” like Oblivion/Skyrim. I much prefer a linear story, or something like a traditional RPG where the world doesn’t open until near the end, and then it is usually for exploring a couple secret places you weren’t able to access before. I though HZD was excellent but couldn’t get through it as I began to lose focus. The last open world game I completed was Breath of the Wild, which I actually completed twice because it is a masterpiece.


That’s funny. I played Horizon twice but couldn’t get through Zelda. For me, the diverse and challenging enemies combined with the incredible satisfaction of using the bow in Horizon kept me interested. I loved the exploration in Zelda, but the combat and uninteresting storyline lost me.


I will admit that even though I’ve been pretty vocal about how disappointing the lack of play modes is in Tides of Time, I’ve been playing it quite a bit. It’s currently a go-to when I have a minute to play something quick.


The solo campaign in the Santorini app is a very humbling experience for me…


Me too… Limus seems impossible to beat with Chronus, just as one example.


I missed it when it was released, but recently picked up Bully for iOS and am finding it hard to put down. Basically GTA jr., it’s full of interesting missions and mini-games.


That was a very fun game back in the day. Mid-2000s Rockstar was just a cavalcade of fascinating games, from The Warriors to Bully to the Manhunt titles.

Right now Card Crusade has grabbed me in a way One Deck Dungeon and Silent Abyss could not.


I’m a few weeks late to the Civ 6 iPad Rise and Fall expansion release, but I’ve now got my Civ VI iPad install caught up to the current state on iOS, and have some time to enjoy it. :sunglasses:

Also picked up Battle Chasers: Nightwar for iOS, now have it on three platforms, too (like Civ VI), but I can’t help my enthusiasm for devs who put out quality premium games without IAP shenanigans, and it’s so beautiful. HandyGames looks to have a great reputation, so when it’s reported that “Saving via iCloud is our top priority right now” I feel even better about supporting them on iOS. :slightly_smiling_face: