What are you playing?


Sounds like you might like this mobile version then. They have objective based stuff like domination and search and destroy. There’s also a battle royal mode like pubg, and they’re working and the “zombies” content of the game too which isn’t released yet but I can’t wait to try.

On a side note. “Tides of Time” is now down to a buck on the App Store. Down from around $5 or so. Anyone given that game a whirl?
Tides of Time: The Board Game by Portal Games

Price I don’t mind, but is it worth the time?


only pass-and-play. a total downer :-1:

Portal Games ruined the MP for Neuroshima Hex and seem completely incompetent.
when i posted a complaint about the broken NHex MP on their FB account they promised to fix it.
two years ago…


For $1 it might be worth it just to see if you like the game. I don’t have the app because it is woefully barebones. The game itself is good but part of the appeal is the large cards with beautiful art. At its heart, the game is a simple drafting game with 16-or-so cards and your job is to draft the best hand with the best combos.


Portal motto:



I took the plunge on Tides of Time k owing full well how feature-poor it is, but thinking the .99 might be worth it. Having played it, it is even more regrettable for me me now that Portal didn’t bother to flesh out the multiplayer because the game is very competent and fun. There are a few things I would change - card art, for example, needs to be much more prominent. That said, the game plays smoothly and I like the visuals that Portal added; much like Through the Ages, your cards are represented by buildings on your map and glowing lines connect between them when there are points to be scored. I think it works visually. There isn’t much single player to speak of other than quick battles, but there are challenges that earn you currency that you can use to unlock and customize your profile avatar. It might be worth the .99 if it is still in sale if you’re in the mood for a good, quick little single-player puzzle, but the lack of modes is completely woeful. In fact, the menu only is two options - quick play or hot seat. I actually think Portal was on the right track and then just pulled up exceedingly short.


New FTP obsession is called Brave Conquest. Lots of timers, lots of currency types, but also a lot to do.
Has a rock-paper-scissors type combat with troops and heroes in formations.
I started a guild if anyone wants to join, it is called SpidersFromMars #9622


Learning Civ 6 on iPad with a few multiplayer games with folks from here.

I’ve also got Horizon Zero Dawn going on the PS4 which is quite nice. Not often an open world game works for me but it’s nice when they do. Just wish I could turn off all the objective markers.


Might not be a bad idea to play a game or two on settler level against the AI - that’ll give you some idea how the game works. But… I’ve been playing Civ since the original and still find new stuff in 6 haha.


Yeah I’ve been meaning to do that. I also watched some intro to Civ 6 videos so I’ve got some idea of how things work.


Can you explain them to me? Every time I think I have it down, I restart and drop back down to Warlord difficulty…


I’m still very much early game in all my games so seeing if everything clicked. Here are the videos I watched however!


I only have about 700 hours on Civ 6 (about half the time spent on Civ 5). But I only play on Steam, i never got it on iPad. Then, I am rarely without my macbook pro.


Great intro vids. I was actually going to post a link to Quill18 until I saw you’d found it.

I also learnt a fair bit of Civ off of Quill’s series. He’s amazing at breaking down game mechanics and explaining them succinctly and at a bearable pace. He really does have a talent for talking at good pace and making sense without hesitation. Really great to listen to.
Whenever a go in to a game that’s new to me, and has a bit of a learning curve to it, I make sure to check if Quill’s done a tutorial on it, such as Terraforming Mars.


Quill18 is the best. Plays heavy games and never feels condescending to the viewers who might not be as knowledgeable as he is. He basically taught me how much fun Factorio can be.


Now I’ll use those videos to get into Factorio!


Just grabbed Star Traders Frontiers for Android for $4, so I guess I’ll be playing that!

Also still Dark Souls 3.


Both excellent games!


Just be warned that, once you’re in, it’s very hard to get out.


Horizon Zero Dawn is by far the best Open World Game I played, and I played quite a few.
Currently on my Ultra Hard Playtrough (on and off) which is…unsurprisingly ultra hard…not often do I challenge myself with something clearly intended for the masochist crowd out there but this game made me relish losing tons of salt trough my tear-ducts. Also no FTP/Lootbox/XP-Booster crap like in most other games of this sort.

You can disable most of the markers if you fiddle around in the setting. Also you can disable specific markers in the quest menu and on the map.


I’ll have to dig around some more, I didn’t see those options at first glance! Having a marker to go for can be nice, but it’s also nice to be able to wander without the game being in your face :sweat_smile:

One thing I’m really liking is the side activities actually fit in the world, which can’t really be said for basically any of Ubisoft’s games. Why would you go racing in a war torn region? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: