What are you playing?


TBF, this thread and the citizen journalism thread are how I get much of my mobile gaming news. The bottom really fell out of mobile gaming journalism (in our preferred genres) with the rise of F2P and the death of affiliate links.


It’s where I get most of my news too, which is why I feel weird posting a lot of stuff. Seems like everyone who would read it (you guys) already knows. :grinning:


I still buy on your recommendations:)


Whew, hey guys, have you heard about this game called The Banner Saga? Seems pretty cool, I just started it.

It’s what year?


The best part is I Kickstarted it. You can use my recreation of King of Dragon Pass’s Raven Banner in-game as your banner:



I was playing a lot of KoDP at the time.


I think it is so easy to miss things these days, that I depend on this community to help fill the gaps on what I might miss.

For instance I saw Nowhere Prophet a few hours ago on my Steam Homepage, came here to post about it in citizen journalism, and saw we already had a main post about it. Cool, no need for me to post now. We all have each other covered.


I agree; it’s a virtuous circle.

The days of multiple iOS gaming news sites are long over (at one point, I had 18 sites bookmarked, although some were borderline useless), but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just means the ones that are left are focused, dedicated and user-driven to a point. There’s value in that.


Has anyone played Shards the Deckbuilder in iOS (or possibly another platform is available)? It is apparently the non-IP digital version of the DC deckbuilder, though I haven’t played either and am in no position to comment.


I’m getting back in to painting after about 2 years. Does anyone have and easy/cheap methods of rehabbing old brushes and possibly removing paint from minis that my 4-year-old painted?

I’ll be working on some Reaper Bones minis in preparation for the Transformers line that Wiz Kids is working on.

I want to paint one of my games but I am so uptight about the quality of my game components that if I don’t paint them well I’ll be really, really irritated.


Civ6. iOS. Multiplayer.

And Warframe + MUA3 on Switch.


Dark Souls 3. Sooooo much Dark Souls 3.


After playing a ton of Sekiro, I’ve been itching to play another FromSoftware game. I just haven’t decided whether to start Dark Souls 3, or finish one of the 3 other Souls games I never finished…


I have played them all, but this will be the first one I finish (unless you count Bloodborne, which I would recommend over any of them).


I just can’t seem to get in to the series, but don’t they tend to get progressively bigger and better with each game? As a general rule, when I’m approaching a game series I like to finish the earlier games first because if I play the newest/best and then go back to the beginning, I am sometimes let down by the lesser of the games.


I have a confession to make, and that is that since the soft launch of Call of Duty Mobile (Australia and Canada), my whole gaming time has been consumed by that. They’ve captured the feel of what I remember playing the game like 12 or so years ago, and it’s an FPS game that needs precise control, yet they’ve managed that so well on mobile. I’m genuinely surprised.

I know it’s not exactly a “strategy” game, but there certainly is tactics on the battlefield to be found.

Terraforming Mars beta has taken a back seat from my rounds, but I’ll be back…some day soon I hope but really don’t know with how lost in CoDM I am at the moment.

Send help.


Sekiro takes everything I didn’t really care for from the Souls games (stamina, weapon and armor selection and upgrades, assigning stat points, long trash clears to the boss) and replaces them with a more streamlined skill tree, a secondary weapon system that reminded me of Bioshock 2, and an even better combat system. Once beating the game, I immediately wanted to start a new playthrough to show those early enemies how much I had improved…


I have actually played them all for variable amounts of time, and I think they’re all still quite viable, if you like the general formula.

Demon’s Souls has, still, the most internally consistent and coherent story, and is probably the bleakest. I just played it a couple months ago, and it still holds up quite well after a decade. Each of the worlds is quite distinct from the others, with environmental storytelling not rivalled until Bloodborne. The combat is not noticeably different from Dark Souls.

Bloodborne has the most homogeneous world, but it’s a well-realized one with great environmental storytelling. The gameplay is more focused and fast-paced than the other games, and actually even though DS3 came after, BB’s combat feels better, more fluid (with half the frames, if you play DS3 on a PC).

As for the DS games, I’ve not played any of them to completion (yet), with about 20 hours in each. They all seem about equally vast, and there are few people who will say that 2 is better than 1, although it does have its partisans. The combat in 3 owes a debt of speed to BB, with the others being more methodical.

Probably all are worth playing, which is saying something for a series this long-lived (in an industry of mayflies and retreads).


Since I can’t edit my post for some reason (is there a time limit now, or perhaps it’s just because I’m on a different device?), what I’ve played (not a lot) of Sekiro suggests to me it is not really the same kind of game as the other From games at all. It’s much faster paced even than Bloodborne, much more focused on aggression and timing, and the RPG aspect is all but gone.


I’d say it is the same kind of game as the others, but it is definitely faster paced and does drop a lot of the RPG elements. I just find that as my available gaming time has decreased, I’m happy to lose some of these RPG elements for streamlined gameplay.


I’ve got nothing against Call of Duty and I put my fair share of time into both the original and then Modern Warfare and it’s immediate successors. I think the game got a little too bloated with all the perks and everything, and the community is awful, but there is a ton of fun to be had. I always played in hardcore and we always played objective-based games. That experience is so different from deathmatches that it is hardly the same game. You’ve suddenly got me excited for the mobile version.