What are you playing?


You can play the solo game controlling one or two investigators. I like to play with 2, but 1 works.


CCG binge atm.
Pokemon / Artifact / MTG Arena / Warhammer Champions

I really like the artifact monetisation at the moment. No need for random logins and obscure victory conditions


You get a heart for Pokémon TCG!


Hitman 2, much like this but with more opportunistic quiet massacres.


That game is seriously underrated. One of the only games I have played where you see so many cards that the underlying variance from card draw is fairly neutralised


@Mirefox did you ever try out Carrier Battles for Guadalcanal? I just reinstalled it on my old phone.


No, it seems very intimidating. I’m going out of town in a month so spend some time at the in-laws’ farm and may install it before then.


I’m going through the tutorials again, and while it’s got some complex rules, I find it very cozy. It’s not Gary Grigsby’s War in the East, which I bought and have never played and almost certainly will never play, that’s for sure.


Possibly Game of the Year.


I was first place in the Card Crawl daily game out of 1,066 people who beat it yesterday and I feel almost absurdly self-satisfied right now.


It’s funny how we can become so proud of accomplishments like that. I was in the top 5 in the Zen Pinball Archer leaderboard and I remember taking screenshots and sending them to my friends.


7 Billion Humans. More crunchy pseudo-programming, this time with multiple humans trotting around each level, and, er, falling into bottomless holes when debugging goes awry.


A post on Rock Paper Shotgun about John Romero releasing a new episode for Doom early next year reminded me that I’ve never really played Doom, so I am getting on that. I am the right age to have played it the first time around, but we were sadly sans computer, although my friend certainly had it.


I mean, it’s fun. Obviously some parts will have aged better than others. I definitely do not recommend trying to go through the whole thing, or you will get well and truly tired of finding color keys before all is said and done.


The missions are nice little bite-sized things, at least so far, so hopefully just doing one or two a night we’ll keep it from being too stale.


Found over at the Quarter to Three forums that there are a couple of really very nice fan-made mission packs newly available for Command Ops 2. Now, the cool thing about CO2 is…it’s free. The base game engine, anyway, which comes with three good missions by itself. I don’t see any reason these fan missions wouldn’t work in the free base game, as the DLCs are just scenario packs.

For a combination of mechanics and accessibility, I think CO2 might be the best wargame of all time. It’s not easy to come to grips with, and I feel like I’m just starting to sort of understand what to do myself after several tries, but the Pegasus Bridge pack has an itty bitty little scenario in it that should prove a much easier introduction to the system than even the “official” tutorial scenario, which is Return to St. Vith. The designer/programmer has a couple of good tutorial videos that helped me out, and there’s an incredible introductory PDF by a forum member over at the LnL forums which shouldn’t be hard to find.

If you have any interest in wargames, you owe it to yourself to check it out.


I hadn’t followed the Magic the Gathering: Arena development all that closely because I really didn’t plan on playing it until it came to iOS. When I heard, though, that it was in open beta and that it used its own dedicated client, I downloaded it and have to say I am quite enjoying it in the brief stints that I get to play. I don’t have the time to get however many wins a day maxes out my free stuff, but I try to get a game or two in before opening up my work e-mail. The game is still Magic, but they’ve managed to streamline it and make it work in today’s Hearthstone-like CCG world.

I was playing today with the starter blue deck and drew a single mana on my opening hand with one 1-cost card, and three 3-cost. I was playing against a mono-white deck. I drew an island on my opening draw, but got mana screwed after that. However, I played smart and bounced two of his creatures at the right time and he ultimately resigned at 8 health. I don’t say this to brag about my prowess because it wasn’t anything special, but I’ve always loved this about Magic; you don’t need to rush legendary cards to win. Sometimes, making the most of the the commons you have in hand can be overwhelming.


I think this effect is magnified in Arena’ quick play mode because people (and I am certainly not excluding myself here) will often resign at the first sign of real resistance because they are just trying to finish quests/get some quick wins, and drawn out games are not a big help there.


Dangit Aspyr. Why do you have to update Civ 6 and NOT PUT IN RISE AND FALL? Now I’m going to have to obsessively check it for the next week waiting!


Haha! I saw that update this morning and ran to my keyboard to announce the good news…only to realize the update doesn’t apply to me, someone who’s bought the game multiple times over.

Really thought we were getting a holiday surprise… :frowning: