What are you playing?


This one?

I like it!


Yes. How’s the learning curve?


It has a bunch of tutorials. I don’t think it will be hard to learn at all.


It was my introduction to hex-and-counter games, and persuaded me not to try another because it seems to get everything right, but still wasn’t really my bag. My problem with it was that I found the tactical considerations sort of opaque; I never thought I could point to a particular choice I made as good or bad. But I agree that the tutorials taught the game well, and that it’s well done, so if you think you might want to try the genre, it’s an excellent and low-cost way to do so.


Made it!

First time I’ve ever been at the top tier of a game, ever. ANY game. Board, card, video, whatever.

I’ll spare everyone the details but, dear God, it didn’t look like it was going to happen. Three times (that I remember) I needed just one last win … and three times I was batted away.

And then I got some luck at the end. Favorable matchups, decent card draw, etc. And on the final day of the season …

I have peaked for life, clearly.


Well done! Many Congratulations!


Congrats! I think the only time I’ve been ranked rather highly in anything was in Rock Band. For a long while we were #4 globally for Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So.”

Just out of curiosity, because I really do love CCGs, do you think it took more time or more money, relatively speaking, to get there?


Definitely time. It’s a grind, very much like Hearthstone or any other ladder system. My winning percentage over the last three days was probably 55-60 percent. Two steps forward, one back …

Looking at the 75-card deck that got me there, 11 are legendaries. But none of those are real eye-openers; they’re cards you see in a lot of decks. At least a couple came right out campaign missions.

I’ve spent some money, just to be clear. I’ve bought all three campaigns; I’ve bought packs after each new expansion; I’ve chased a couple of legendaries (which requires the usual dusting mechanism). I would have never had the patience to try a totally F2P run.


Very cool. I’d like to get that involved in a CCG, but thus far I’ve really only played them as f2p games without spending any money. I think I may try to hit the ground running with Magic Arena, though, and stay on top of my collection.


Has anyone tried War Thunder on PS4? I generally avoid f2p games, especially on consoles, but all the talk around here about flight sims makes me want to play one and PS4 is really my only option at the moment.


With the daylight hours grown shorter, the weather colder and wet, I’m doing a bit more gaming.

On iOS, my current favorite is Dungeon Boss, a light, turn-based, RPG, dungeon crawler, character/creature collector, with charming graphics & animation, and casual fun. I can’t fully understand why it is my current mobile favorite, it’s just charming fun, despite the energy mechanic. :sunglasses:

Also on iOS I’m still casually match-3’ing away with the Stately Play guild in Gems of War. I barely do Creature Quest any longer, I feel like I maximized my enjoyment from it already, for me it was more fun early on. I’m now taking a look at the highly recommended Legend of Solgard to likely replace Creature Quest in that casual play slot. :thinking:


I’m very deep into Darkest Dungeon now that I restarted it (I bounced off of it pretty hard the first time, but repeated mention by all of you Stately Players made me go back to try it again.

And now I’m doing a campaign on Steam and on my Ipad.

Curse you, Neumann!!!


I always felt that DD would get a lot more play on my phone versus iPad, UI notwithstanding…


Two separate Darkest Dungeon campaigns??? Sounds like someone might be a bit…


Considering I can’t read the text on my Switch version, I can’t imagine it on a smaller screen. Then again, I’m old and gray, my eyes are dim…


I much prefer Steam to iPad, though I started on iPad. I like hovering over a skill to see what it does before I have to press it. I don’t know how many times I’ve accidentally de-stressed a party in camp that didn’t really need it (they needed healing more) because I was holding my finger on the skill to see what it did. I didn’t move my finger before lifting it, so it said that I chose to use that skill.

I can’t imagine this on a phone, though.


Since I had already restarted the iPad campaign before discovering I much preferred it on Steam, I didn’t want to just leave those folks in limbo!

Somebody has to save the Hamlet…


Not exactly the usual fare around here, but I’ve been playing Steam & Iron: the Russo-Japanese War. I’ve owned the original game for years, as well as Rule the Waves, which I’m still not sure how to play, but I’m finally coming to grips with the campaign system in this one, playing as the Japanese against the Russians. I seem to be having things more or less my own way in the old Sea of Japan, but they did manage to sink one of my battleships with a lucky torpedo hit yesterday, which I must admit quite put me out.


In between the CK2ing, I’ve got around to picking up the Arkham Horror LCG. I’ve been hearing good things about it since it came out (and the recent bumping of the thread here was what prompted me to finally pull the trigger), but… crikey, it really is good, isn’t it? I can see myself following this particular rabbithole all the way to the bottom.


I’ve got core set that has been in shrink for a year. I want to play this game really bad but haven’t had the nerve to try to teach it to my wife yet. I really need to get on that…

Does anyone know of the solo version of the game has you play as one investigator or more? I’ve never been a big fan of playing multiple decks in any co-op game.