What are you playing?


I really miss the Doom RPG game I had on my last “non-smart” cellphone. Played basically like Wizardry, but with BFGs and Martian Demons.

Would absolutely kill to play that again on my Android phone (without all the emulator faff).

The closest thing I’ve had scratch that itch was Orange Pixel’s Space Grunts, but that’s more Doom as a Roguelike, than doom as a First Person RPG.


I still have Doom RPG II on my phone, just keep looping it around each time I get a new iPhone. It was a lot of fun and still remains extremely unique years later.


Right now my most active game is a quite lively forum game of Republic of Rome over at Quarter to Three, if anybody wants to take a gander. I wasn’t sure how it would work in practice, but it seems to be going ok so far. Plenty of accusations and recriminations to go around!


Oh yes.


I love this series. Even if I just admit Insect Armageddon has yet to be topped.


Subnautica is very good (and still free from Epic for now). I died in a cave last night, just like that sign always warned me I would!


Still playing Legend of Heroes : Trails in the Sky…just beat the prologue chapter…after just 14 hours playtime…I know I play a bit slower than most but this jRPG really loves to take its time…and still not one hint of the usual “go save the world” trope has appeared.

Unheard of amount of exposition / slow but deliberate world building in this “classic” jRPG, then any game which has a special attack involving a closeup on a 16bit pixelated clevage, a leather whip, a most splendidly evil “evil laughter” and lots and lots of whipping gets my (immature) seal of approval.


What platform are you playing it on, @Private_Prinny?

I’m taking the plunge and getting a Switch for Christmas this year, my initial RPG with the Switch I plan to be Battle Chasers: Nightwar (just edging out Octopath Traveler), but I considered Disgaea 5 Complete, which I figured you would be playing (or had finished already) if you were portable or console gaming on a Switch. :grin:


I’m heavily back into RftG … check out there two morsels. These happened within about an hour of each other tonight.

Ties? We don’t need ties.


Trails would be an ideal fit for my aging PSP, but since the 3 Trails in the sky games were not all released on PSP I went with the gog version. I plan to do so with the other 2 games in the triology as well. Now the next series (Trails of Cold Steel) is on PC and currently is being ported to PS4…there I am not too sure. I prefer PS4 to PC.

I have no switch yet. I blame it on my backlog…the REAL reason may be that I always get a new Nintendo-Plattform when the next Fire Emblem is released…sooo…probably when FE: Three houses hits the switch I will finally get a switch. Disgaea is a system seller as well for me, it got me into sonys plattform after all, but I cannot go to D5 before doing D4…yeah yeah backlog again ^^


This Subnautica game sure is something. I highly recommend the map mod if you grab it, and at free why not right.


Wow–someone else who actually still uses their PSP! Jeanne D’Arc is still one of my favorite games of all time and was never ported (as far as I know). Wish there were a lot more like that.

Also, like you, the new (real) FE game will be what tips me over to the switch : /


Jeanne D’Arc was fantastic!


Currently 7 hours into Fire Emblem - fates - conquest (or whatever the hell this part I of a trilogy is).

It’s okay, but difficult even on Casual level. No way am I putting myself through this kind of stuff at high difficulty levels, especially since you can’t grind!!!


FE Fates/Conquest/Conquest of the Fates should not be that vexing yet. Maybe you have it set on Hard mode without realizing it?


Next to the save it says Casual with a one star.

I think I am trying to do too much too quick. Getting spanked on chapter 12 where I have to win in 16 turns and there are poison/medicine pots around.

Splitting into three teams to try get everything g done in time


It kinda makes sense there’d be a fair number of PSP fans here. Most of us probably came here from having read Pocket Tactics back in the day, and before mobile phone gaming blew up, the PSP was the unquestioned champion of tactical gaming on the go. Or not on the go, for that matter; it had more SRPGs than any one console did either, unless you count backwards compatibility.

Despite the wonderful glut of such games, Jeanne stood out. Everything that studio did was engaging and full of gameplay depth (they are the ones that breathed life into Dragon Quest with DQ 8), and this was perhaps their finest title. Not the best SRPG on the PSP, but then nothing compares to War of the Lions.


My PSP has 2 dead pixels and a suspiciously smudged spot nearly in the middle…so it’s death is probably imminent.
However I have a legit PSP and a still unopened PS Vita around since I thought the PSP would die really soon…5 years ago…the current model was hackecough improved on to get all the good stuff US users got in comparison to the EU.

Lately, I am going all legit but back then I had no scruples because LOTS of games never made it to the EU at all and some never made it to the west…there were some stellar fan translations out there. The PSP/GBA and DS were the golden age of handheld gaming, especially considering jRPGs and more importantly SRPGs, Visual Novels etc. I really got into it because of many fan-translations on this 3 plattforms of stellar games which NEVER would have seen the west otherwise.
However I hid my legit/imported PSP games in my cupboard long ago…all the funny stares from visitors I got because of why I am keeping so many Japanese/US PSP games still in their original shrink around and the resulting discussions about the legality of fan-translations and emulation were getting tiresome.

Jeanne D’Arc was splendid…one of my first purchases/imports for the PSP and the only PSP game I finished thrice(!)*. Too bad it didn’t get the recognition it deserved…it really was a good blueprint for more game releases like it…

*Disgaea doesn’t count since I played it on more platforms that I could count :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Both Sony’s handhelds were amazing; too bad they had no idea what to do with them. Could you imagine if the Vita had had a dock, which users were asking for years ago? Sony was sooooo close to making it In the handheld market. I don’t regret owning a Switch in the least, it if Sony has done a better job marketing the Vita and integrating it with their home console technology, it could have been amazing.


Lord, did I play the hell out of my PSP. Loved that thing but it succumbed to time, the fact that you had to lug discs around, and kids…