[UNDERWAY] SP Shards of Infinity Tournament results thread


JS over @Pitta, game 2


Goatfeeder over @JammaTal in game 1. Gg!


Feygor 50 > @Neumannium 0; 1st Game


@Schlotzky > @Neumannium, game 1. Infinity shard win. Gg.


Irishdomer08 over @js619


@johnl over @irishdomer08, second game. Good game!


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geigerm over @feederofgoats, game 1


@doublebullout over @jason1002

Whew! Another good, nerve-wracking, close game.


Goatfeeder over @JaneHatke. GG!


@KYakerDude over @js619
Great game! You had 30 power for several turns, but didn’t get the right card in time. I managed to put together 52 damage in one turn to finish it off before you beat me.


I KNOW! I kept waiting for that damn thing, hoping to hold out one more turn! Gg!


@Neumannium over @robthomasson


@Jules > @Neumannium Game 1


geigerm over @JaneHatke in Game 1–good game. I managed to win by Infinity Shard.


@Feygor over @Neumannium 2nd game


@Blackfyre over @doublebullout in game one.


@Schlotzky > @Neumannium, game 2. GG.


Holsren > @Neumannium in game 2, GG.

I think I played all my games?


And that was it for me.

I don’t think 4-6 is reaching any sort of playoffs … :confused: