[UNDERWAY] SP Shards of Infinity Tournament results thread


Buzznaut over @irishdomer08 (mhalke? On SoI app) game 1


I won against @TheDukester in our second game by infinity shard . Good game.


@JaneHatke over @whovian223 15-0 in game 1


Jason1002 beat @doublebullout by getting up to 30 on the shard in game 1. Good game!


Jamma over @JaneHatke in game 1


@johnl over @buzznaut , second game, death by Infinity Shard. Good game.


@JaneHatke somehow we have two new games going. I guess “rematch” doesn’t accept the new invite? I’m happy to just continue one and trash the other. What say you?


@JammaTal over @whovian223 in Game 1. I had him down to 2 and to 1 but couldn’t get over the hump. GG!


unbelievable game. i had lost all hope since long.
but Shards is one of those “never give up” games, so i just went on.
and then this incredible last turn came along :flushed:
all pieces fell into places. lots of.
… headshake …


Hipmonle > @whovian223 46-0 match 2


The game that we just completed was not a tournament game, just friendly. Correct?
So now we have our two new tournament games going. Since I finally won a game, I’d like to count that friendly game but that wouldn’t be fair.


Oh, ok. That works.


GG! I almost had you, but couldn’t setup the killing blow before you built your health back up.



No. No, it was not.


Daily double:

Me def. Tamsk
Me def. JMH75


Hipmonle > @JammaTal 50-0 match 2


Housekeeping note: Second standings check here.


For those interested, I’m using Challonge to track everything. I could do it by hand, but … well, we will be reporting 120 games, and that’s just for the group round. That’s quite a bit, even for someone with my gaming OCD.

Here’s a sample of the standings. I think I’ve got it set to “most wins” for now; either way, it’ll all come together when everyone has played their 10.


@doublebullout over @TheDukester


And thanks for running the tourney. Much appreciated!


@Tamsk wins v @doublebullout, game 2.