[UNDERWAY] SP Shards of Infinity Tournament results thread


Housekeeping note: Third standings check here.


Irishdomer08 over @KYakerDude in game 2. GG


buzznaut over js619


geigerm over @whovian223 … I think that was game 1 … ?


good game!

Yes, game 1


Sorry, I don’t understand. What does third standing check here mean. Maybe it’s just my bad English that I don’t get the meaning of the sentence. Sorry


I’m assuming it’s a private bookmark from TheDukester to himself that he’s tallied and double-checked all the results to that point in the thread, so he knows where to start the next collection from.


That makes sense. Thanks


Pitta over @buzznaut in game 2/2

GG!!! So close!!!


Thanks. I don’t know if I’m coming or going, so keeping track of how many games I’ve played is trickier than it should be.


Maybe it might be a good idea to post a “standings so far” update so we know where we’re at?

That would greatly help me


@KYakerDude over @buzznaut in game 2.


Indeed. It’s basically just a memo that only I care about.


JMH.75 over @robthomasson


I’ll try to post some standings as I get a chance over the next few days. We’ve got a pretty big range of results so far, with some players done with all 10 and others who have completed only two or three.

Anyway, here’s one to whet the appetite:


We aren’t in the same group :thinking:

But hey … a win is a win … well played!


@feederofgoats over @geigerm gg!


Irishdomer08 over @js619 in game 2. GG


@Blackfyre over @Tamsk in a very tight game. Got lucky (again).


Oeps :slight_smile: Too many games going on…