[UNDERWAY] SP Shards of Infinity Tournament results thread


Ha, yeah thought I had a chance there before you put the hammer down.


Hipmonle wins against JaneHatke 42-0 (Match 1)


Jules 45 vs @Feygor 0 (match 1)


Jason1002 beat @TheDukester in match 1. I had lots of purple Wreathe cards and Homodeus Champions.


Jason1002 beat @Tamsk in match 1. Good game.


Feygor beats @Schlotzky 50 vs. 0 (1st game)


Feygor 44 vs @Jules 0 (2nd match)


Second game @KYakerDude over @johnl.

Good Game!


@Blackfyre accidentally hit rematch in our friendly game. Feel free to reject challenge since you’re not in my bracket.


Geese Can’t Be Trusted Group :sunglasses:

Result …

@robthomasson > @HolstenKnight (Match 1)


First game @johnl over @irishdomer08. Down to 1 health I just barely pulled this one off. Good game!


@johnl over @Pitta , second game. Good game!


First game - @doublebullout defeats @TheDukester 49-0

Death by Infinity Shard in Round 20. Duke had a tight, efficient deck with several shields, rendering most of my power cards fairly useless. It became a race to 30, with Duke right on my heels at 29.


That was brutal. The shard rule makes more sense to me now, though, as armor and healing could have kept that game going for quite a long time.


Me def. JMH.


I’ll do. Better to focus on the tournament now and resume our friendly matches after the tournament. Thanks.


Sorry for the slow / lack of moves; dealing with two sick kids since last week


Jason1002 beat @TheDukester in match 2. It was closer this time. I was down to a few health.


buzznaut over johnl in game 1


@Blackfyre over @TheDukester 7:0
In a very tight game, I managed on my last turn to pull infinity Shard, reach 30 and finish the game. I am pretty confident, that I would not have survived another turn. Gg Duke and hard luck.