[UNDERWAY] SP Shards of Infinity Tournament results thread


Pitta over @KYakerDude in the first game.

GG @KYakerDude it was really close!


You I invited me this morning (Europe time) so I guessed it was the tournament…am I wrong?

Anyway…what now? Do we start a second match immediately or am I supposed to play against all others first?
I have spotty internet this week so I’ll probably stick with just 1 or 2 concurrent games (that’s why I still haven’t accepted other invites…still closing other previous friendly games).


Second post of this thread answers your questions.


That works. I couldn’t remember when it started. I have so many games going.

Great game so close!


Sorry @JammaTal - confusingly I’m goatfeeder in this game


Yeah I can’t seem to add you either. Add me when you can please :blush: @feederofgoats


First game @johnl over @KYakerDude.

Good game.

Couldn’t figure out how to get the score from that final screen.


i tried goatfeeder, goatsfeeder, feederofgoats and goatfeeder1976, but nothing could be found :thinking:

so please add me asap, because all other tourney games are up and running already.


Sorry I didn’t realize this game is based off email addresses. I’m mikewhite1976 with a Gmail account.

I’ve added you and created a game

@Hipmonle - couldn’t find your email address.


I’ve entered your email several times and keep getting email not found. My email is albert dot an dot le with gmail @feederofgoats


same for me.
mikewhite1976 was definitely not working.
maybe not registered? or not any longer?


Sorry I thought my Race for the Galaxy account would carry over to this game but maybe not. I’ve relinked everything. @Hipmonle I’m getting an email not found for your address too.

I do now have a game going with @JammaTal so my account does at least exist!


Pitta over @KYakerDude again in our second game of the group.

Once again, a super tight game, tbh I was lucky because I’m pretty sure you would have won if there was another turn (in both games).

Both matches final screen.


Great games!

I’m pretty sure I’m getting worse at this game (and to be fair, you all are getting better). I’ve not won a game in a long time; had to go back and play the medium AI to get a win (barely).


Jules 42 vs @HolstenKnight 0


@johnl over @Pitta , first game. Managed to ramp my mastery to 30 which gave me unlimited attack when my infinity shard came around. Good game!


Great game, you wrecked me.
I couldn’t combine two cards in ANY turn.


And 2nd game against @HolstenKnight won by me (Jules 24 vs Holsten 0)

Thanks for the games.


@Jules yeah, 2 really good games. Very good played, at least you :blush:


Holsten > @Schlotzky, close, I broke a sweat after your 40 damage turn :smile: