[UNDERWAY] SP Shards of Infinity Tournament results thread


geigerm over Hipmonle, game 1.


Holsten > Feygor in game 2, close as it could get


Doh, this time I was sure to win, other than in our last 2 friendly matches, that I won without a clue how. GG :blush:


Really close, gg.


Justin Gary Memorial Group
Game 1, @KYakerDude over @js619.

Nice game.


Hipmonle over @JammaTal 40-0 match 1


Geese Can’t Be Trusted Group :sunglasses:

Result …

@robthomasson > @Jules (Match 1)


Jamma > @geigerm (match 1)

close GG


Me def. Tamsk.


Playoffs and tie-breakers


  1. The total field will be 12
  2. The top finisher in every group will be seeded 1-4 and receive a first-round bye
  3. The second-place finisher in every group will be seeded 5-8
  4. The next four-best records from any group will be seeded 9-12 (note that this means it will be possible for a fourth-place finisher to get in … or perhaps a third-place finisher to not get in).


  1. Non-essential tie-breakers (seeding, mostly) will be broken by head-to-head result (if possible), then randomly.
  2. Essential tie-breakers (for instance, one player making the playoffs, while the other does not) will be broken in the following order:
    A. Head-to-head results
    B. If the players are from the same group, their records will be compared against the first-place finisher, then the second-place finisher, etc. … repeating down the list all the way to sixth place
    C. If still tied (or if the players are from different groups), a single-game death match will be arranged


Hipmonle > @feederofgoats 11-0 match 1


@Schlotzky > @robthomasson match 1


JS over @Pitta 17-0, game 1 of 2. Gg!



@Blackfyre over @jason1002 50:0 (first game)


Hipmonle > @geigerm 38-0 match 2


Holsten > @Schlotzky in game 2. again a close game, my green cards kept me barely alive, GG.


Holsten > @robthomasson in game 2, GG



Ah, I remember the old days when I could report a win …


@Schlotzky > @Feygor, match 2. Thanks!


@whovian223 over @Hipmonle in Game 1, 17-0 (yay Infinity Shard!)