[UNDERWAY] SP Shards of Infinity Tournament results thread


grats! what a heavy hitter mastery combo in your second last move :+1:
19 (or so) mastery in one turn :flushed:


Goatfeeder over jason1002 in game 1 1-0


@Schlotzky > @irishdomer08 in game 3, 2-1.

Helluva game, shard win in 21st round.


@Jules > @JammaTal in game 3. Makes it 2-1.
Pfff. That was a tense one. Jammatal had me down on my knees, but I managed to restore life-points and fought my way back to victory.
Good game and thanks for playing!


Every match going to three games; good stuff.

Updated bracket:


Goatfeeder over @jason1002 2-0. Great game. Damage race vs infinity shard trigger. I squeaked it out.



Those games are for this tournament.

@Feygor > @Jules in out first game.
I had to hurry but couldnt pull the shard victory in time. Of only I had one more turn.


:smirk:, it was really a close one. Luck on my side. One round more and you would have crushed me.


@Jules > @Feygor so it’s 1-1 now.

I rushed purple (because a lot of purple cards in the Trade row) and feygor greens couldnt help him in time. Gg


Well played :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Last one @Feygor > @Jules GG

So itβ€˜s 2-1 for me :blush:


Yeah. Good game.


Holsten > @johnl in game 1, GG


JohnL over @HolstenKnight in game 2. Death by Infinity Shard, good game.


That was a strange game, I had a real bad start. I even said to jamma I could resign as well after the first 4 turns. Suddenly everything turned and I could buy a lot of good cards, was back to 50 health and dealt good damage for 2 turns (25+) just to see you get to 30 infinity and suddenly bad draws and not enough damage. Was fun :blush:


@Blackfyre over @Schlotzky in first match


@Schlotzky over @Blackfyre game 2, tied 1-1


@Blackfyre over @Schlotzky
Final result 2:1

The last match was very exciting and tight! Thanks for the games @Schlotzky


Yeah, that was a nail biter to be sure. Thanks for the games.


Holsten > @johnl in game 3, result 2:1. Thanks for the games :slight_smile: