[UNDERWAY] SP Shards of Infinity Tournament results thread


And @doublebullout over @JMH.75 for the last group game.

GGs to @JMH.75!


BOOM! All four groups now finished.

Playoffs will begin soon-is. Stay tuned for announcement and link to the bracket.


The tournament committee has met to solve a potentially sticky situation.

The final two playoff spots came down to a tie between three players, all from different groups. That leaves two choices:

  1. Figure out some complicated way to break the tie, likely by having the three players play each other … while everyone else sits around;
  2. Just let all three into the playoffs.

The committee unanimously decided on the second option. So our playoffs will now feature 13 players rather than the original 12.

The only player truly affected by this is @jules, who goes from having a first-round bye to having a first-round opponent.

Comments and complaints can be directed to fake-inbox@fake-email.com.


Playoffs are live!

All rounds are best 2-of-3. Report scores here, as usual. Find your opponent’s email address somewhere in the top part of this thread.

An image of the bracket is attached.

Here’s the link to the Challenge page: https://challonge.com/hcpmbe2t

@johnl, @Jules, @Hipmonle, @Blackfyre, @irishdomer08, @HolstenKnight, @geigerm, @jason1002, @Pitta, @Schlotzky, @feederofgoats, @Feygor, @JammaTal — it’s time to get back to it.


No problem @TheDukester

Ps. That email adress doesnt seem to work. At least thats what a friend told me :wink:


Something appears to be amiss…I’m nowhere to be found in the 2nd round? Seriously? I mean, what does a 1-9 record get you these days? Geez…


First playoff result: Feygor > @geigerm


Yup, kicked my butt in Game 1–good thing for me it’s best 2 out of 3. Invite sent for rematch.


Puh, those two others were quite tight. Thanks for the good games.


Yeah, good games! Congrats on the wins and thanks for the quick rematches.


Holsten > @Pitta in game 1, GG


Pitta over @HolstenKnight in game 2.

What tight games!!!


Yeah, that were 2 really close and good games :smile:
Looking forward to the decider :wink:


@JammaTal It was my turn as far as I remember. So I openend our game, you played some cards, destroyed my champion that needs to be destroyed first, and now it is stuck on “waiting for Jammatal” You have 3 attack and 3 resources left. Could you check what the status of our game is at your side? Or did I ran into a bug. I restarted and tried again already but that doenst solve it


@Schlotzky> @irishdomer08, game 1. Close one.


it was all ok.
reallife needed my attention, so i had to stop inmidst my turn and closed the app and the ipad.
later i came back and continued with my turn.

Jamma 49-0 over @Jules in game 1.


Holsten > @Pitta in game 3, so final result is 2:1. Thanks for the thrilling games :smile:


Great games @HolstenKnight!!!


Game 2: irishdomer08 over @Schlotzky

Series now tied 1-1

Schlotzky was likely one turn away from winning by Mastery. GG


@Jules > @JammaTal

So it’s 1-1 now.