[UNDERWAY] SP Shards of Infinity Tournament results thread


Are we allowed to start our semifinal, or should we wait for the other?


I’m just back from vacation; let me catch up real quick.


Start, by all means.

Online tournaments always end up with one group or one side of a bracket being faster/slower. I prefer to keep the momentum going, then hope others catch up.

Fire at will.


@Hipmonle and I are at 1-1 and just started our final game.


The carnage:


Me over @HolstenKnight in first match.


GG, oups, I fatfinger declined your invite for the 2nd game. Pls invite me again :woozy_face:


Will do


Holsten: @Blackfyre 1:1
In this game everything went my way, from the start till the end. I could even take wrong decisions and make some mistakes :man_shrugging:


@Blackfyre over @HolstenKnight in final match. End result 2:1

Hard luck @HolstenKnight. The final match was another nail biter . One more turn and I would’ve lost, I guess. So close…

Thanks for the games @HolstenKnight


Well deserved win @Blackfyre. Now win the tournament :smile:


No one wants to semifinal me :thinking:


Sorry @Feygor - my fault as I was moving house this week and playing slowly.

My time ran out but there was no way I was winning that deciding game so @Hipmonle triumphs 2-1 over goatfeeder.


All good, thanks for the matches, they have all been fun! Hope your move goes well :slightly_smiling_face:


@Hipmonle, i just send you an invite. Let‘s look, who has to play for the throne. :blush:


Hipmonle > @Feygor match 1.


Excellent progress made here. I’m barely needed.

Reminder: bracket can be found at



Hipmonle > @Feygor match 2.

Thanks for the quick matches!


Yes, my doom comes quick. Very well played @Hipmonle. Thx and good luck for the final.


Hipmonle > @Blackfyre match 1