Through the Ages Tourney - Instructions and Table Assignments


Table W2 has finished.

The scores are:

Snotty128: 169
@Thraeg: 116
@JammaTal: 103

GG all! I got an early Mikey and a mid age basilica to get me some early culture. Thraeg made a strong comeback with big Bill Shakespeare, journalism and some operas, but those got burnt down with a lucky raid.

An absolute killer combo really ruined Thraegs chances at the end of the game. We had ravages of time (destroying Thraegs hangings gardens for 2 happiness) then the age ended, then emigration, then civil unrest. I even threw in a cheeky armed intervention to really rub salt in the wound.

Man, this game can be brutal sometimes.


Good game! Yeah, I probably wouldn’t have caught you anyway, but that was a painful sequence of events going into the final turn.


Table C2


Are there any tables still running in this round?


Thanks for posting this! I’ve been travelling with dodgy wifi and it wouldn’t allow me to upload the file. * List item


Thanks for the poke, @halfvoid

Here are the results for the Winner’s Bracket - Round 2.

Winner’s Bracket - Round 3 Matchups

Table W5:

Table W6:

Two winners advance plus one wildcard (highest non-winning score). Good luck!


How are tables C3 and C4 coming along?



We finished a while back… and (in what will come as a shock to all, I know) I lost. Not sure what the score was; I can look back through my finished games when I get home tonight. Forget if @jason1002 or @tigana won?


I won table C3 but I posted my victory in a different thread.


Table C4 just entered the Third Age.


If you find that score please let me know for wildcard purposes. If not, just @jason1002 will move on as table winner.


@Snotty128, @SleepingGiant: TTA table W6 created.


Table W5 created and invites sent.


W5 is done!

I held military advantage for most of the second and third age, and rode the event bonuses until the end. I picked up Sid in age 3 for a few extra rounds of culture… Good game!


I completely mismanaged my happiness in this one, leaving me forced into a theatreless Chaplin just for the smileys. I also completely cocked up on the final turn, accepting the autoprompt to use the Age III Reserves rather than the Age II one, which meant the latter immediately decayed leaving me short of completing Space Flight next turn. Not that the ~20 points would have made a real difference, but I’d have felt less of an idiot. Congratulations @Hardco, and good luck in the final!


Table C4 is done!

Great game, everyone. My first win, I think!


Here are the consolation results:

Consolation Round 2 Matchups

Table C5:

Table C6:

Two winners advance plus one wildcard (highest non-winning score). GL and HF!


Table W6 is finished. Very close scores. For a long time SleepingGiant was taking the lead, supported by a strong army. However, in the final call of the events I was able to pass him by a couple of points…
Gg everyone!


GG guys, I had a well developed empire that always seemed only 1 turn away from flourishing. Then the turns ran out


GG! It’s always exciting when it comes down to the final scoring. If we had one more round anyone could have won, so it doesn’t get much closer than that.