Through the Ages Tourney - Instructions and Table Assignments


Round 3 results!

Championship Table
Table W7:

Good luck!


W7 has been created, and I’m almost sure I including the correct @sleepinggiant


Can you set up a game with specific people without being friends with them?

I have a friend request out to @feederofgoats but this morning you weren’t appearing in my friends list.


The sleepinggiant in my last game was this username, all one word.

I made it so close to the final! Good luck to everyone that made it


I am pretty sure he/she is Goatfeeder in TTA , i g=have set up a challenge, Ian


I did send the invite to Goatfeeder.

Anyway, it may have been accepted since then, but thanks for setting up the game.


Hi guys - sorry about that. I’m travelling at the moment. I’ve accepted the friend request but didn’t see the game invite.


The game i set up was for 4 players , so i have cancelled it and set up a new one and
resent invitations to @whovian223 and @feederofgoats.

Good luck


Good game. Not very high military for anyone. Fast food chains and Sid Meier helped me out at the end.


I couldn’t have done it without @sleepinggiant! I had a huge military lead on everyone the whole game, but I couldn’t draw any Wars on Culture. I finally managed to play one the last possible turn, and took 40+ points away from SleepingGiant, but given my non-existent culture engine, it was looking like it wouldn’t be enough to pull ahead of @JMH.75. But surprisingly, all the Impacts SleepingGiant had been playing benefited me more than JMH.75, and I squeaked by in final scoring.

Good game all!


Congrats to our champion, @Hardco!!


It was a very close call! Well done all. Congrats @Hardco


Fun tournament…thanks for organizing, @irishdomer08!


Ok, here is my side of the story… we all started out as simple farmers and then @Hardco went from like 10 to 46 military in approximately one turn. Meanwhile, @JMH.75 had a solid, well-balanced engine going. I was left in the dust, and no Hail Mary, so I just tried to exact an equal amount of revenge on those two, and it did really come down to the final card flips…

Congrats to both of you! I’d be happy for a friendly match anytime.


Hardco coming out of nowhere to destroy your peaceful civilisation/farm/truck/quilt? Inconceivable.


Peaceful capitalist way of life, too. Or socialist republic for the people - he’s not picky, apparently. :wink:


You guys just need to understand that regardless of theme, these are all war games! I’m convinced I would have done better in the decathlon Galaxy Trucker game had I let the space pirates run rampant over everyone behind me… Hopefully the autopilot makes better choices than I did!