Through the Ages Tourney - Instructions and Table Assignments

Thanks to everyone that signed up for the tourney - let’s get it going! This will be a single elimination 4 round tourney. BGG says this game is best with 3 players, so I’ve tried to work the tourney into that format.

We have 25 entries and we will use a mix of 3 and 4 player tables for round 1. Round 2 will then have 12 players (4 tables of 3 players). Round 3 will have 6 players (2 tables of 3 players). The final round will be a table of 3.

I used to create a sorted list and then numbered off each table for round 1 - 4 tables of 4 and 3 tables of 3.

The winner at each table will advance to round 2. (7 winners) Then we will have 5 wildcards (highest non-winning scores). 4 from the 4 player games and only 1 from the 3 player games. [8/16 will advance from 4p games (50%). 4/9 will advance from 3p games (44.4%). As close as I can make it…SLIGHT advantage to those in 4p games.]

The first player listed at each table should send the invite. Please use the following settings. Digital Rules, Default Async, Autostart. HF and GL.

Round 1

Table 1
@sleepinggiant (sleepinggiant)
@Hardco (Hardco)
@geigerm (mgeiger9)
@robthomasson (rob thomasson)

Table 2
@jmh.75 (jmh.75)
@janehatke (janehatke)
@zebracadabra (zebracadabra)
@thraeg (thraeg)

Table 3
@ids (ids)
@feederofgoats (Goatfeeder)
@baelnor (baelnor)
@Strangiato (Strangiato)

Table 4
@jason1002 (Jason1002)
@js619 (JS619)
@jammatal (jammatal)
@tamsk (tamsk)

Table 5
@snotty128 (snotty128)
@neumannium (neumannium)
@tigana (tigana)

Table 6
@johnl (john1325)
@halfvoid (halfvoid)
@zen4one (zen4one)

Table 7
@KyakerDude (KyakerDude)
@IrishDomer08 (IrishDomer08)
@Whovian223 (Whovian223)


Table 3 setup
Game title SP Tourney Table 3

Good luck

Table 3
@ids (ids)
@feederofgoats (Goatfeeder)
@baelnor (baelnor)
@Strangiato (Strangiato)

Table 2 has been setup.
Title: SP Tourney Table 2
@janehatke (janehatke)
@zebracadabra (zebracadabra)
@thraeg (thraeg)

Table 7 setup
Name:KYAKERDUDE’s table (I forget to change the name)

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I have set up a ‘SP tourney table 5’ table

Waiting on @Neumannium and @Tigana to join it

We both joined. Game on!

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Just waiting for @geigerm to join SP Tourney R1 T1

Started up a 3P game for table 6, and reserved spots for @johnl (john1325) and @zen4one (zen4one).

Named SP TTA Table 6.

I’m in. The current lack of notifications in TtA is a pain in the butt.


Glad it’s not just me - thought it was an issue with my iPad…

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I’ll obviously play by whatever rules are created, but if there are 4 wildcard spots for 4p games, and 4 4p games, why not just have the top 2 from each 4p game advance? Certain games may be lower scoring than others, due to the randomness of card order, or someone being picked on by multiple people with War on Culture.

I don’t know the game well enough to make an informed decision on which would be fairer. I ended up with the wildcard system the same in both 4p and 3p games to keep it simpler.

I’d be curious to hear if there are strong opinions for going with top 2 at each table for the 4p games.

I’m included though to keep it as-is since matches are already underway and just use this input for the next tourney (with the high interest in this one, I assume we’ll do another one at some point)

[quote=“Ids, post:2, topic:929, full:true”]Table 3 setup
Game title SP Tourney Table 3

Good luck

Table 3
@ids (ids)
@feederofgoats (Goatfeeder)
@baelnor (baelnor)
@Strangiato (Strangiato)

Looks like you invited “feederofgots” instead of “Goatfeeder”?


@irishdomer08 it may or may not be too early for me to be asking this, but can we have a consolation bracket too?

If people are interested I’m happy to set one up

Given the number of us who signed up saying something like, “Looking forward to exiting in the first round!” I bet there will be interest.


Table 5 has finished

Snotty: 135
@Neumannium: 86
@Tigana: 53

Despite trailing in early culture I managed to grab Napoleon as soon as he appeared, then proceeded to be a total dickbag to both other players.

A special shoutout to Tigana for being a good sport. Despite leading early with Mikey and the basilica, Tigana got hammered with 7 wars and aggressions. I tried to be as evil as I could, leaving them with no research capacity and very little means to rebuild. This is the first game I’ve played against you and I hope you stick around for more friendly and tourney games in future, and don’t let this match put you off.

I’d like to thank Tigana for keeping the Snotty128 Rangers from attacking my poor civilization. That said, even without getting beat down each turn, we still only managed to finish slightly ahead of you…

Well, Snotty beat the snot out of me. Got what I deserve for having no military.

I was bewitched and beguiled by Michelangelo and then neglected key aspects of my civilization.

Great game, and am happy to play again :grinning: