Through the Ages Tourney - Instructions and Table Assignments


Well played Strangiato!


That concludes round 1! Here are the results. Congrats to those moving on. I will be posting the round 2 match-ups for the winners bracket and the losers bracket over the next day or so.


Winner’s Bracket

The round 2 matchups are below. The 4 winners will advance, plus 2 wildcards (highest non-winning scores). Good luck!

First person creates the match.

Table W1:

Table W2:

Table W3:

Table W4:


Consolation Bracket

The consolation match-ups are below. 4 winners advance plus 1 wildcard (top non-winning score) from the 3 player games and 1 wildcard from the 4 player game.

Good luck!

First person creates the match.

Table C1:

Table C2:

Table C3:

Table C4:


Table C1 created. I look forward to losing to all of you over the next week or two.


Friend requests sent to @Strangiato and @halfvoid for Table W3 …


Table created, gl and hf!


Table C4 created.


hello @Thraeg and @Snotty128, table W2 ready and waiting.


Table W4:

The classic combo of Genghis and Uncle Sid, together with good fortune in drawing the science-based scoring events. (Though I lost Newton to Iconoclasm again. Twice is beginning to look like carelessness.)

A good game, thank you both @Hardco and @KYakerDude!


Good game @Hardco and @Tamsk, you are both masters of the game. I’m just glad I didn’t come in fourth.


The biggest issue for me this game was that after skipping an age 1 government, every single age 2 government was in the last few cards of the age 2 deck. I went into age 3 with only 4 civil actions! I hoped to push military to make some gains in age 3, but a military alliance between the other two and @Tamsk’s Air Force waiting in the wings kept me to a small culture victory over @kyakerdude. Sid with quad-computers just added insult to injury!

Well played!


@Zebracadabra 91
Baelnor 77
@Neumannium 69

Very low scoring affair all round, not really sure how.

Zebra repelled a last turn aggression which would have tied us on 84!

Good game!


A runner up score of 205 should get you the wildcard. I think you scored, as second, our entire games combined score


Good game guys. I might need to take a break from TtA…I seem to be getting worse!


Yup. I knew you would go for the aggression and made sure I could defend. That may be my first win ever. And yeah, how did the score get that low?!

Gg, all


Hopefully! I didn’t read the rules closely, as until now I didn’t know there was wild cards…


GG! My peaceful arts and crafts society barely hung in FTW…

And a wildcard tie for JMH?


Table W3 finished with a culture focused victory claimed by myself. The majority of my endgame was just trying to keep up with the other two’s military rush (as I kept spending mine, taking every colony). GG all!

halfvoid - 221
@robthomasson - 192
@Strangiato - 142

(Final Production)


A clear victory for @halfvoid … showing that you can trail in military strength but prosper if you know how. I earned a lot of ad-hoc (action dependent) culture and did not have a strong enough inherent culture production thing going on.

It all seemed pretty even between the three of us until @halfvoid broke forth and accelerated towards victory. Thanks to all for the game.