Through the Ages Tourney - Instructions and Table Assignments


Table 1 is done! I had a low culture generation Michelangelo in age 1, so once @SleepingGiant got a good engine going I had to push Napoleon to stay ahead through Age 3. Once people started catching up in military I switched over to Sid for the last few turns. Good game everyone!


Great game @hardco, I could have done a few things better, but I don’t think any or all of them would have been enough to catch you. I think at some point in the game you were getting +20 culture per turn, even with Napoleon.


Good game all … I clearly need to brush up on some TtA strategy to actually compete in this game.


Table 4:

Splendid game, thank you all. JammaTal had a much higher culture rating than me all the way through, and I thought he’d bagged it when he Iconoclasmed my newly-acquired Newton and immediately grabbed an immune Napoleon for himself, eradicating my military advantage; but he overextended next turn by declaring war on me when Churchill was on the board, we fought him on the beaches, and Space Flight and solid impacts brought me home. 211 should get him a playoff berth, though, I’d hope.


This was worse than than my usual poor performances. The military got away from me and it was all downhill from there…


Been there, done that…


Congratulations to @hardco and @SleepingGiant for trashing me in our tourney game. Commiserations to @geigerm as I fluked completion of Fast Food Chains in the last turn for a mighty culture boost.

I am ready, willing and available to play against others for whom the tourney is over … any of you other losers up for it?


@KYakerDude 169
@irishdomer08 161
@whovian223 128

Close match up and congrats to @KYakerDude on the win. I was leading in military for the first half of the game and collected some nice bonuses. Then both opponents caught and passed me very quickly. I ignored it for a while and that later came to bite me. Each opponent won an aggression against me stealing 7 points each. I got a big points haul by inventing the Internet on the last turn. Fun one!


Great game, @KYakerDude. I just couldn’t get anything going.

@irishdomer08 killing Gandhi didn’t help. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yahoo! I won one. I’m not sure exactly how.

Great game and thanks for taking it easy on me. I feel a little bad for beating up on @irishdomer08 and taking 7 culture from him, but I’ll pass the buck and say @whovian223 made it possible by killing Gandhi! Without that happening, @irishdomer08 would have won. Thanks @whovian223!


I didn’t kill Gandhi! @irishdomer08 killed him when he was my leader!

So one might say it was karma…


Whooops. I got that backwards. Without @irishdomer08 killing Gandhi, neither one of us could have taken the 7 culture from you, so I guess the game wouldn’t have changed too much. Except the blood on @irishdomer08’s hands…


Haha, you’re right! I forgot about that… it did net me some good points right then. :slight_smile:


How are tables 2, 3, and 6 coming along?


Table 2 is at the end of Age III. At the moment I’m leading, but one never knows what will happen in the final stage… :grinning:


Table 2 is finished. After an exciting match I was able to finish first :slight_smile: Well played All!


Congratulations @JMH.75 on a well played game. Nice win!


Table 6 just finished.

GG All!


Just waiting on table 3. How are you all doing?



Not far to go - just towards the end of Age 3. Sorry for the delay. It’s probably my fault as I need to organize a better queueing system for the hoards of invaders troubling my peaceful TV based society.