Through The Ages Friendly Matches

One of my games crashes in load, I do not see a session number anywhere. @Hardco how did you report the other crashed game?

If you hit the menu button during load, the session number is in the bottom left corner. I’ve been reporting them through the beta Slack. I don’t know if there is a place designated for bug reports now that the game is live, but may still work.

Sorry for my slow pace in the friendlies, I was on holiday in Barcelona. Back now so I’ll pick up the slack.

Question: Is there actually a “concede” button within the game, or do you just use the “Forfeit Game” button when you call up the menu to actually concede?

One thing I hate doing is making a mistake so monumental that there’s no way to come back from it (unless other players take it easy on you, which they shouldn’t do).

I would normally stick out a game that I’m losing badly in, but it does seem unfair to the other players to allow the players with aggressions to feast off of my carcass while they can’t because they don’t have any. :slight_smile:


Live and learn, though!

There are two options for a human player to exit a game: one if their civilization is still viable (taken over by AI) and another when it’s not (removed from game so others can’t feast on it). Check the in-game rule book for details on the menu items.

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Thank you!

So you tap “Forfeit the Game” and then you tell it whether you are abandoning it or resigning.

Got it.

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Yep, and if you’re resigning it has to be during your political action for that turn.

Right, that too (which I did).

The punching bag has left the building!

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@LordGek and I would like to play a 4P game. Any takers?

you can count me in.
but i must say i have never played such an aggressive game :flushed:
destroy, rob and attack…all the time.
ok, we are tough guys, we can take it.

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I’m in! Since I need a new game after conceding…

@LordGek, @JammaTal, @whovian223: Game created! Good luck to everyone, and have fun!

I’d also like to start a game–still haven’t played any actual people. Who’s in?

I welcome all invites!

I’m in, always up for (losing) another game!

I’m in. I may be slow for a day or two. I’m kayaking.

I’m up for another loss too. Feel free to send me a game

Always in for a game. Send me aan invité.

Cool–I’m well on my way to losing to @js619 and @Hardco, and I just set up a game with @KYakerDude, @irishdomer08, and @JMH.75.

FTFY :grinning:

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