Through The Ages Friendly Matches

Ok, friendly invite sent to @Neumannium, @LordGek, @feederofgoats

I’m a total n00b at TtA, have only done tutorial, so this will be friendly learning before we get ready to play the sharks and tournaments…

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The best way to learn is to get thrown to the sharks! Maybe not the most fun way to learn, but the fastest way!


That sort of worked out for me in Twilight Struggle, but not all the way Mr. Shark :slight_smile:


I’m Mysterio.

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Add me to the list I’m KYakerDude. I’ve played the easy AI twice and lost horribly both times.

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For an easy, very easy win, add Zebracadabra to your friends list.


Guys, I’m having a problem in our friendly game: when I try and click on the ‘okay’ button to accept the result of the aggression, the app crashes. Have tried about 5 times and the same thing each time. Will try again tomorrow.

Crap weasels. Have you shut everything down and tried again after rebooting?

This game twists my brain into a pretzel.

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I had a challenge crash on my ipad4. I shut down all open apps then rebooted the iPad. That cleared the hangup

If that doesn’t work, post the game number and I’ll submit it on the beta Slack. They are pretty good about fixing bugs.

Yes - tried that and unfortunately the same result. Can you see the game number per Hardco’s message? I can’t see any numbers in the screens I can see without crashing. As a last resort I’ll try deleting and reinstalling. Not sure what else I can try.

Well a delete and reinstall didn’t work, so I’m out of ideas.

You should b able to tap the menu button instead of OK. The session number is in the bottom left corner.

Perfect - thanks Hardco. The session number is 127963. I tried to find somewhere to report bugs but wasn’t successful, so if you could report that would be fantastic.

I’ve reported it, and they’ve locked the game until it is sorted out.

Started a game with a friend of mine (who I also invited to Stately Play!), @Hardco and @Baelnor

Hoping I can get Barbarian65 to come join us here too. :slight_smile:

I am in @whovian223

If anyone else needs another, feel free to invite me.

Invited you all.


New to the game, but up for a match

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Your invitation was eaten by the app. I sent you a reply invitation.