Through The Ages Friendly Matches

I just finished the tutorial and am willing to learn this game the hard way. Who is up for a match?

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I will take all matches at all player counts…

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Me too!

whovian223 on there

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I’m on as Neumannium, happy to play whomever. Except @Hardco, he’s too damn good. :slight_smile:


Count me in. I’ve got the gameplay down, now I’m working on strategy and routes to victory. That being said I just had an Ai score over 300 points against my 150, so I’ve got some work to do

I’ve managed to beat the easy AI. That must mean I’m ready to take on human opponents, right?


You need a higher standard of “too damn good” than “can beat me”!

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I beat the easy AI tonight with my highest scoring game ever. It was a slaughter, and awesome.

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I’m in. Beware: totally a noob in this game :grinning:

I’d love to give this a try too. I’m also a complete noob! My in game name is Goatfeeder.

I’m always up for a game of this - JS619 in game.

ETA: usernames may be case sensitive - couldn’t find goatfeeder till I capitalized the G…

Yet another noob here. mgeiger9 in game.

I’m athros in game :slight_smile: very new as well.

I am jason1002 in game. I just joined @Pitta 's game

Yes, please! Can’t make many moves this weekend, so looking for others who want to start up a game Monday…

Lol actually I thought I started a game with @Neumannium
I’ll gladly play, but please keep in mind I’ve absolutely no idea of what I’m doing.

baelnor here.

Played my second game focussing on military… and ended up with the weakest army. Not sure I played that right…


Count me in as an clueless newbie interested in getting some async games of this going. I’m “Lord Gek” in there.

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Please add my name to the list of available cannon fodder! Goatfeeder in game

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Just so everyone knows, I probably won’t be creating a lot of games. Feel free to invite me to yours, however. I think I have everyone in my friend list now, so it shouldn’t be tough to get a whole bunch of games going at once.