Terra Mystica Tourney - Instructions and Table Assignments


Tried the same strategy as my other game, just couldn’t get out of the corner.

GG everyone!


It was very close. Thanks for the game.


i got an answer from the TM devs on that Dwarves Tunneling range increase question.
confirmative that a wrong wording slipped through. NO range increase for Tunneling was meant to be.
just like the official boardgame rules say: range increase only for Carpet Flight and Shipping.
case closed.


Wow, did I make a mistake in picking the giants for my first ever game. I saw their power as a way to expand easily while in reality it has limited me greatly because the early expansions have been more costly than they should be. On top of that, I’ve been declining to exchange VPs for magic and now have almost no moves I can make from turn to turn. Whoops.

I like the game, I think, but I have a long way to go before I actually understand it.


now you know! :slight_smile:

That is the best way to learn this game. Try something, figure out it doesn’t work, try something else the next time.


I had 2 games going as the Dwarves (one just finished).

The first one (finished) I did pretty good with them and their tunneling. The current one, I’m very hemmed in and don’t have the workers to do my tunneling…

It is definitely a learning experience.


I’m sorry, I know it is my turn right now but can someone help me figure out why I can’t terraform? I have enough magic (6) to take the action that gives me two spades. When I do that, it gives me the option to terraform but does not allow me to pick any spaces. With my power, those two spades should let me terraform anything so I don’t know what is preventing me from doing it. And I know the adjacency rule.


Good question. Just looked at the map and it does appear that you should be able to do that.

Anyone else have an idea about what we are missing?


For @irishdomer08 and @Mirefox

I’m working up a game with the AI…I’m betting it’s a bug with the Giants ability and the 6 power action specifically.

EDIT; Yep. Bug. I have a screenshot.


I’ll also bet it’s because you don’t have 3 workers, though that shouldn’t matter.

EDIT 2: Yep. As soon as I had enough workers for 1 spade, magically the 2 space power option works.


Hmm. I actually have enough for 2 spades. That throws it off.

EDIT 3: Traded workers for gold to 5 workers. Still worked. Trading down and testing.


EDIT 4: At 4 workers, I can no longer do the 2 spade action.


Final Edit: bug report submitted.


Ah, thanks for investigating that! Since this game couldn’t get much worse for me I’ll just take a different action to keep the game moving and I’ll just consider it a learning game.


@Mirefox New TM update that fixes a Giants terraform/build bug. The description is different to your situation but they just might be related.

But you have probably made a different move by now …


I updated before the problem. Perhaps the bug fix caused other problems.

I just took an upgrade action. This is very much a learning game for me and I’m probably no worse off with the bug than I would have been otherwise, sadly.


Hey look, a hotfix!


Table 1 is finally done! @robthomasson was off to what seemed like an insurmountable lead (especially with my clash with @Snotty128 for control of the bottom middle) , but eventually my end of turn bonuses and some last turn shipping stole enough points from him to sneak by. I believe there is still a bug with engineers scoring, and I should actually be at 126, as I got points for a bridge connecting myself to snotty128 for the last 2 rounds.

Good game everyone!


Good game and congrats on the impressive comeback!

Given my performance in this game, I think the real question is how I managed to win my first one … mermaids are definitely not the right race for me!


It looks like we are ready for the final:


I tried to start the game up, but I don’t have duckworp on my friends list. Can someone else create the game?


@Hardco @Saviodo @duckworp

I have created the game … Saviodo is first up to choose a faction.

I have lost to both Cary & Pete, now is my chance to either redeem myself or add Josh to the list of my nemeses … either way … good luck to all!


And it’s done! It’s the closest game I’ve seen, with 19 points separating 1st and 4th, but I emerged victorious, with the Engineering bridge bonus for the last 3 rounds helping me close the gap.

Good game @Saviodo, @robthomasson and @duckworp, and thanks to @irishdomer08 for organizing.

If anyone is still looking to play more, feel free to invite me!


Congratulations Hard_co! And well done to all the players!


Hardco triumphs again … a well deserved victory. Congratulations! With commiserations to Saviodo for a strong performance that would have beaten any other competitors.

I got myself into a poor starting position and it was a struggle from there. But the game system is flexible enough that I was engaged throughout with some hope of staying with the pack. My big mistake was building an early bridge between my two constrained areas. I had given up one founding two towns but in fact that was completely possible - until I built the bridge.

Saviodo had also constrained one starting point for each of Hardco & duckworp But unlike me, and wisely, their other starting point was central and they built from there. Hardco got the drop on duckworp and displayed his usual skill and judgement to craft a fine victory passing Saviodo at the finish line.

Even with my lack of wisdom in choosing my starting positions I really enjoyed the game. Thanks to all for the tourney and especially @irishdomer08 for bringing us to being.