Terra Mystica Tourney - Instructions and Table Assignments


Round 6 I scrambled to figure out how to squeeze every point out, I imagine I missed something though. Interestingly, there were at least three turns by everyone after I turned in my final bonus card. I was sweating bullets checking every 12 hours to see what happened, trying to add up any points that the rest of y’all could get. I knew it was going to be close but it made sense thematically with my exhausted breath of finishing early in round 6 that hardco could take that last step in front.

Good game all!

Rematch in the future!


I was in a rough spot at the start too, where one of my two starting dwellings was cut off (and eventually surrounded) from the good Engineer area in the top right on the water. I eventually managed to expand from my other dwelling to the prime real estate, but it took me until round 4!


could someone post the final map please?
TM is an amazing game and a well done app.
i guess it’s here to stay for some more tourneys.


By the time I thought of it, the game was long gone… If no one has it, I’ll come up with a beautiful Paint version!


Yes a great game and congrats on the victory. Getting surrounded in the east did me no favours. In TM it becomes increasingly clear to me that the actions you take in the early rounds, particularly round 1 even though it is short, are so fundamental. If I had grabbed an early shipping upgrade the game could have played out so differently.

Great game.


Ask and you shall receive (sort of)!


@JammaTal Here is the final position …

Look to the east … Hardco’s Engineer Temple, Pete’s Auren Stronghold & my Halfling Sanctuary were starting positions that were squeezed by each other and by Josh’s Alchemists (his Stronghold is where he started). I eventually wriggled downwards but the last two only got there in round 6.

Hardco worked to expand northwards from his central Temple as he says above. Pete was forced southwards and I eventually filled the space left for me. I said my bridge was a mistake as it prevented two towns … but in fact I needed it to get a third hex to my name. So never a chance of a second town unless I got shipping … but the Halflings think Shipping is for wimps and wave their shovels in the face of mimsy mariners.

@Hardco Sorry I was not quicker to post and save you that effort. If that was done from memory then … :dizzy_face:


I was close!


many thanks to both of you!
very interesting. now i can fully understand all the great comments :blush: