Terra Mystica Tourney - Instructions and Table Assignments


Anyone who is out of the tourney looking to play a friendly? Post interest below and we’ll set something up.


I’m in the tourney, but I’ll play some more…


Sure, why not. Have to learn sometime


I kind of want to learn but I have not made a single move in the game outside of the tutorial and am abbot intimidated…


No need to be intimidated. Only way to learn is to play!

I’ll start a game. @janehatke expressed interest in a friendly too.

@mirefox, friend invite is in your in-app inbox. Once you accept I’ll start a game.

@whovian223 and @Hardco stay tuned


@Mirefox, it’s your turn in our game.


Ah, sorry. I forgot about the turn confirmation and must have exitedout after clicking the giant green check mark to select my action.


@halfvoid you are up in our game. Your timer has run out but I think you can still play so long as none of us tick the ‘x’ on the game board.


X? what X? an X like for a buried treasure? let me test that!

haha, just joking. no way to tap on that :smirk:


I am away this coming Friday/sat/sun in an area with no reception or wifi so please don’t press the ‘x’ over the weekend either!!


i have a problem with the +1 Tunneling Range increase for the Dwarves.
i acquired that town tile, but it simply does not function at all.

is it a bug in the app or is the wording totally incorrect and that town tile is not even meant to increase the Tunneling Range?

“This Town tile…will increase your Shipping or your Carpet Flight/Tunneling range if applicable.”


@jammatal As we have said elsewhere … it seems to be a wording error.

All comments found at BGG and so forth indicate that the tile increases Carpet Flight (for the Fakirs) or Shipping (for other races). Except that the Dwarves do not have Shipping so they gain nothing (other than the 4 VPs and key).


My interpretation of this is that the top one is tunnelling/carpet flight, and th bottom one (which you purchased) is for shipping. I haven’t tried either though, so I’ve got nothing to back this up.


On the Terra Mystica site, it shows 4 mini-expansion tiles (which I didn’t realize were included in the app, as I was confused why this town tile we’re talking about wasn’t in the rulebook).

If you look at the tile on the page, it just mentions the Fakir bonus. It doesn’t mention mention the dwarves.

It also seems to imply that they are two separate tiles, like Hardco suggested.

Not sure what it all means. I’m sure you much more intelligent guys will figure it out. :slight_smile:


@whovian223 Fun fact … the physical set has two double-sided tiles each with the Fakir Carpet Flight bonus on one side and the “Other Races” Shipping bonus on the other side. The spacing of the images is different in the link that you sent which is some sort of vague clue.

The link shows a different image (from the app) for the Shipping bonus side of the tile. The text in the app implies that the Shipping bonus is the upper tile choice, the image (on the tile) implies that it is the lower tile.

@JammaTal In your test game you seem to have chosen the Shipping bonus (as per @hardco comment above) so you did not actually test whether the Dwarves got a tunnelling bonus. The confusion being that the text in the app describes about the lower tile before the upper tile.

Probably. I am open to correction. And other hobbies.


Rob, as i had said in our iMessage thread, when acquiring that town tile i TAPPED on the top tile (showing carpet), but always ended getting the lower tile :flushed:
i tried again and again (before tapping the checkmark), but no, d’oh.

but both tiles have exactly the same wording, both tiles explicitly mention to increase the Tunneling Range.

whatever, a) Dwarves can get only the lower tile and b) it does not work.

i have contacted the devs about that. i think @robthomasson is right when saying it’s not meant for increasing Tunneling Range.
what a crazy mistake with wrong wording! btw exactly the same in the german rules.


@JammaTal Ah, right, I had forgotten that comment of yours.

In fact, thinking about it, the expansion has two copies of the double-sided tile and when you take it you use the appropriate side (Fakirs or Other Race). So the app should allow two non-Fakir races to take the tile and get the Shipping bonus.

It can always be a nuisance for developers when designers introduce something out of the previous norm …


official rules for TM expansion: 4 Town Tiles

Tunneling not mentioned at all.
so just a (very) weird wording mistake in the app :frowning2:


Here is the final scoring for our game. Uploading…

Great game by all. I played scared the entire time hoping that my plan of having a momentum building final two rounds would pay off.


My previous post is saying uploading for me for the pic so. The scores were Duckworp 110. Saviodo 100. Jammatal 95. Halfvoid 77.