Terra Mystica Tourney - Instructions and Table Assignments


Hi Everyone,

Thanks for joining the tourney. Tourney rules include the following:

  • The single elimination tourney will be 3 rounds.
  • Round 1 will consist of 6 tables of 3 players each. The 6 table winners all advance to round 2 plus the top 2 non-winning scores from across all 6 tables.
  • Round 2 will consist of 2 tables of 4 players each. The 2 table winners will advance to the final plus the top 2 non-winning scores from across the 2 tables.
  • Round 3 will be a final table of 4 players. Winner takes all.
  • Per usual Stately Play tourney rules, please try to take at least a turn a day. If life gets in the way and you are delayed, send a quick chat or forum post to the rest of your table as a courtesy.

Tiebreaker Fine Print:

  • Terra Mystica rules state that there is no tiebreaker. It is a shared victory.
  • Due to that, if there is a tie for a table win, both players will move on to the next round and there is 1 less wild card spot
  • If there is a tie for first wildcard spot, both players move on as wildcards 1 and 2
  • If there is a tie for the 2nd and final wildcard spot, both players also move on and we’ll accommodate another player in the next round.

Required Game Settings:
Please set the following when starting games in the tourney.

  • Friendly game
  • Basic map
  • Shuffle players (random starting player)
  • Expansion Passing rules
  • Map balanced VPs

Terra Mystica Tourney SignUps

Round 1 Tables:
I assigned each player a code and used Random.org for the groupings.

First player listed sends the invite. Remember to first add your opponents into your friends list.

Table 1:
@geigerm (mgeiger9)
@JammaTal (jammatal)
@jhtaube (JHTaube)

Table 2:
@js619 (js619)
@whovian223 (whovian223)
@Snotty128 (snotty128)

Table 3:
@athros (athros)
@irishdomer08 (irishdomer08)
@halfvoid (halfvoid)


Round 1 tables continued…to get around the 10 mentions per post limit…

Table 4:
@johnl (john_1325)
@JMH.75 (JMH75)
@Saviodo (Saviodo)

Table 5:
@Baelnor (Baelnor)
@duckworp (Duckworp)
@jason1002 (j4son1002)

Table 6:
@robthomasson (robthomasson)
@Chubbs (Chubbbsy)
@Hardco (hard_co)

Please post final results back here when complete. Interesting in-game summaries is also encouraged!

Good luck and have fun everyone!!


One more note. It is very easy to miss, but each of us needs to check our in-game inbox to accept those friend invites coming in from those in this tourney.


Excellent … thanks Mike!

Friend invite sent to @Chubbs … game invite to follow when connected …


Game invite out to @irishdomer08 and @halfvoid!


hello @geigerm!
do i miss something or haven’t you sent an invite yet?
i keep checking ingame notifications, our personal ingame chat channel and my game list, but can’t see a table 1 game.


Game started, @whovian223 and @Snotty128. Be gentle, I’ve never done this before… :wink:


I just sent the invite. Sorry for the delay–it’s been a rough week, and I’ve been particularly bad about Terra Mystica turns. Between the crazy overload at work and the fact that I’m still trying to figure out the game, I’ve been very slow in this one.

I’ll make sure I don’t time out of our tourney game the way I did in the friendly games I was in (apologies to @halfvoid, @Hardco, and @irishdomer08).


Resolved! Ready to go :slight_smile: Request sent to @Hardco


Invite sent … beginning to realise that I should know more about this game :sunglasses:


Thank the gaming gods it isn’t just me…


I have played 2 games on the table and bounced off of it hard. I’m hoping the app helps. :slight_smile:

But in the meantime, I’m in the same boat as you.


I think I got the game and rules right but still yet to win against the Easy AI’s :open_mouth:


I played against 3 “5 Sec” AIs and was feeling pretty good about halfway through … but ended up in a distant last place. I am sure that I must have learnt an awful lot about the game from that beating.

But playing the AI is never the same as playing people … in this tourney I will surely focus more on each turn. Except when tired and/or emotional and/or distracted by shiny things. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ive got the game, but youve thrown a spanner in my works by picking a green faction. I’ll get my turn in as soon as Ive figured out who my second faction should be


@robthomasson Same here, but I nudged the 10 sec ones. They are tough to beat for sure.
Good excuses, all of them :slight_smile:

Just to let you know, you need to choose faction in the first tourney match. Angarde!


Thank you. I pondered and went with the Dwarves. I ought to change my profile pic to match …


I think there’s a significant number of us who are learning this one on the fly.


me too. never owned or played it before.
@geigerm, i did not want to put any pressure on you. not at all.
i was more concerned about that i might have missed something.

our 24hrs timer reminds me on Eclipse, for which game it often was the reason for dropouts and fails :frowning: