Terra Mystica Tourney - Instructions and Table Assignments


oh, i have totally missed that the bug had been fixed in update 1.12 :rolling_eyes:

so we are fine now, and the tourney can go on?


Our game just ended. End of game screenshot below.

Well played @irishdomer08 and @athros! I mostly was just focussing on a super efficient priest factory and a massive single city.


Great game @halfvoid! Very well played.


Well played @halfvoid and @irishdomer08 - good luck going forward!


Our game finished: Duckworp v J4son1002 v Baelnor. I can’t find out how to see the final scores again without replaying the whole game. Anyone know how to do this? I briefly saw the final score but didn’t note it down and now cannot see where to find it again. I won, Barlnor timed out on the last turn and was showing as zero points, but if they had played they would have been second.


I thought I had played out my last action! Never mind :slight_smile:

@jason1002 score should be counted as second 81 poibts


Yeah, I TRIED harder.



Is that all 6 tables in now?


if only replays would function for me :angry:

for “recording” final score etc i would recommend a short click for taking a screenshot.
btw that final score screen does not go away, we can even hide it to take a look at the map and all other screens and come back.


Round 1 is complete. Congrats to our table winners who will all advance to round 2!

Table 1: @geigerm and @jammatal TIE at 105 points
Table 2: @snotty128 - 139
Table 3: @halfvoid - 110
Table 4: @saviodo - 140
Table 5: @duckworp - 131
Table 6: @robthomasson - 130

We only have 1 wildcard spot due to the tie at table 1. That spot goes to… @hardco with 128 points at table 6

Condolences to @JMH.75 who would have been the 2nd wildcard with 115 points if there was no first place tie. (Shakes fist at lack of TM tie-breaking rules)


Round 2 matchups are as follows (using random.org) for assignments.

Table 1:

@geigerm (mgeiger9)
@robthomasson (robthomasson)
@Hardco (hard_co)
@Snotty128 (snotty128)

Table 2:
@Saviodo (Saviodo)
@halfvoid (halfvoid)
@duckworp (Duckworp)
@JammaTal (jammatal)

As a reminder, here is what is left of the tourney:

  • Round 2 will consist of 2 tables of 4 players each. The 2 table winners will advance to the final plus the top 2 non-winning scores from across the 2 tables.
  • Round 3 will be a final table of 4 players. Winner takes all.

Good luck!


I think I have sent friend requests to @halfvoid and @duckworp I will start game as soon as I get those back


Accepted the friend invite.


I think I have accepted the invite but I do get a little confused by the system of accepting Friend requests on the TM app.


Let’s go, @robthomasson. You are holding us up!


I know. Could well be slow for a week and a bit.

Feel free to drop me as and when necessary.


Of course not (Unless by the unknown forces of the Terra Mystica backend)! I just wasn’t sure you knew the game had started, and I was in suspense as to whether I would get the Engineers…


The Engineers eh? Amazingly enough (or maybe not so much) I had not even noticed them in my browsing of the factions. Given your desire for them they must be game winning given our bonus cards :joy:

In the end I picked a faction that I had never played … the Halflings … purely in the interests of research. Oh yes - it is never too early for an excuse. Also, my left ankle feels slightly strange when I wink.


I’ve never played the Engineers either, but their discounts looked good with the double trade post bonuses… I’ll probably be proven wrong though!